What to Do When Insurance Company Refuses to Pay The Car Accident Claim?

If you are looking for options for your next road trip, Miami should be on your list. The city of beaches offers one of the most beautiful drives in the US.

But, road traffic by tourists is also a common sight in this densely populated holiday destination. Distracted and reckless driving often leads to severe car accidents in Miami-Dade. The county leads the state in auto accidents, while 20% of these crashes happen within the city limits.

Millions of people fight for insurance claims after a road accident. A Miami Personal Injury Lawyer can help you deal with stubborn insurance firms.

When Can an Insurance Firm Deny Claims Payout?

Following safety driving rules are imperative while you are in Miami. It is best to avoid fatal or life-threatening car accidents on highways like SW 137 / SW 152 St or NW 107 Ave. / NW 12 St.

An insurance company denying compensation after a car accident can add to your frustration and physical pain.

There are various grounds on which a car or a health insurer can deny paying your claims after a road accident.

  • Exceeding coverage limits declared in the car policy
  • Filing for coverage, you did not choose while applying
  • Violation of traffic laws in your state
  • Misinterpreted information of the policyholder
  • Lack of evidence
  • Proof of pre-existing injuries
  • Delay in getting medical treatment

What should you Do after your Claim is Denied?

Here are a few ways to fight for your money when the insurance company denies paying you compensation after a car accident.

Understand the Reason for Denial

Insurance companies can deny paying your claims for many reasons. If you think the insurance firm is being unreasonable, you should not back down. Providing the right evidence and facts that support your case can force the insurer to reconsider their decision.

Checking the policy details and the legal terms and conditions is also helpful to argue your claims.

Provide the Necessary Medical Documents

Health insurance companies often deny service for missing relevant medical records. Make sure to collect all the hospital reports that include copies of prescriptions, special treatment forms, ambulance service records, and other expenses.

Get an Expert Lawyer Onboard

A Miami personal injury lawyer is the best person to deal with an unfair insurance company. You should select an expert accident attorney who has years of experience handling similar injury cases.

An expert lawyer can review your case and negotiate with the insurer to get the best deal. Lawyers can also help in getting the documentation and paperwork ready to support your plea.

An attorney can also guide you to fill an appeal form on the insurance company’s website to speed up the process.

File a Lawsuit

If the insurer does budge even after a written appeal, your personal injury lawyer can help file a lawsuit and take the case to the next level.

You can also sue the company and challenge them in court. If you win the case, you might be lucky enough to get a higher settlement claim.

An insurance company should be fair to the customers and cannot deny service on unreasonable grounds. An accident lawyer from Miami can help you fight for your rights.


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