Take Better Care of Your Skin This Year With These 4 Tips

We all want to be taking better care of our skin – it’s our largest organ after all! Avoiding acne and blemishes, preventing wrinkles, and achieving an even skin tone are all things most of us want to do, we simply don’t always know how to do these things or what habits we should be implementing.

Whether you already have an elaborate, 23-step skincare routine or if you’re the type to go to sleep with your makeup still on, here are some tips you could use to take better care of your skin in 2022.

Embrace Essential Oils

If there’s one trend worth trying out in 2022, it’s taking advantage of the wonderful powers of essential oils. These oils are great for our health in many ways – diffusing essential oils can help with anxiety and relaxation and even aid headaches. But did you know that essential oils are great for your skin too?

Many of the popular serums and oil-based cleansers use different essential oils for different functions and benefits. Find out what different essential oils can do for you, such as the ylang ylang essential oil benefits for skin, or the advantages of castor seeds for your face and body.

Make Natural Swaps

The less harsh chemicals we put into and onto our bodies, the better, right? Of course, there are plenty of less natural products that do a great job and have ingredients that simply can’t be replaced.

But it’s a good idea to look for organic and natural skincare products and brands whenever you can. Natural ingredients are less harsh on your skin and will be better for your skin health in the long term. Natural products are also better for the planet and more sustainable, and if you look for cruelty-free items you can rest assured that your products have done no harm.

Start Double Cleansing

Washing your face twice, also known as double cleansing, might sound like a major waste of time, but the benefits really do outweigh the extra 3 minutes it’ll add to your morning and evening routines.

Double cleansing entails washing your face first with an oil-based cleanser and then a water-based one – each of these fulfills a different function, and together they will be able to entirely remove the makeup and any other dirt, grime, or sweat from your face, leaving you squeaky clean.

Redefine Your Skin Care Routine

It might be tempting to buy every product you see on social media or copy your favorite beauty guru’s skincare routine step by step. However, you need to remember that every individual is unique and has different needs when it comes to their skin.

Instead, focus on creating your own skin care routine based on your own skin type, budget, and needs. You can figure out exactly what you need by talking to a dermatologist (or even taking some tests online) and building your skin routine based on those needs and the products and ingredients that will best benefit you.

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