Splashpad Innovations and Trends To Keep Visitors Engaged

We find that every year, the next best aquatic feature surpasses the one before. Water rides are faster, can accommodate more people, and last even longer, making them some of the newest trends in aquatic design. Recently, there have been modifications in many splash pad designs with continuous loop attractions that allow riders to ride for an extended period without the need to exit. With two new water coasters in splash pad trends in design, riders can experience an exciting thrill ride while being propelled uphill by magnets. These are two examples of rides that let people ride them at a faster speed. The latest trend in speed slides is the super loop or aqua loop, fast and large drops with something else other than straight down. The trend is to add a sense of competition to the attractions, where people compete with each other on time or skill level.

Here are some trends that we see in aquatic design:

  1. In municipal pools, guest accommodations are becoming more common.
  2. Guests enjoy the shade and comfortable pavilions, as well as deck chairs. In addition, outdoor family aquatic centers are incorporating profitable cabanas into their facilities that have become a great source of revenue for municipalities. The cabanas can be rented for an increment of time and provide a shaded area for family gatherings,
  3. In new designs, bubble benches and sitting areas are becoming more prevalent in the waters of pools — three to five feet below the surface.
  4. Planning for future expansion. If funding becomes available in the future, design teams can identify opportunities to add equipment or pools to pools as they become available.
  5. Aerial slides and zero-depth pools are synonymous with modern aquatic centers. Public aquatic centers are developing new features to keep up with the public’s entertainment needs, such as speed slides, wave pools, water coasters, and multi-level play structures. The trend has been influenced by commercial water parks.
    It is becoming commonplace to have mini versions of waterpark attractions to cater to younger guests. These include mini lazy rivers, mini-wave ponds, and mini slides
  6. The skill-based amenities challenge guests and their peers and provide an interactive experience It encourages guests to return to the park again and again. These amenities include both dry and wet areas and structures. These little elements add pleasure to the visitors’ participation while providing opportunities for guests to interact with each other.
  7. Climbing walls and water slides have been designed for the fun and comfort of the visitors. They are finding their way into the latest amusement parks for added fun. Multi-level play structures, rivers with tides, and high water pressure include more fun elements by adding effects such as lighting and audio packages. Non-traditional waterpark/aquatic activities like climbing walls, aqua courses, and zip lines are other trends in use.
  8. The latest and the most profitable trend that shouldn’t be overlooked is theme-based structures in a themed environment. They are becoming very popular among kids and in commercial waterparks. These theme-based constructed amusement parks are designed with concept and create excitement for the visitors especially the younger generation and they might increase the length of their stay.

These smart and innovative trends in the current times are providing thrill and fun to all aged members of a family. They attract higher-end guests as well as guests from different groups. This helps in increasing the occupancy of resorts and hotels.


For splash pads trends, there have been a new set of products developed by the research and development team. They have designed structures with engineering to blend interactive rivers with working path diverters and pump actuators that can be controlled manually by children. This will add more fun to the little ones’ visit and the tour will be a treasure to remember. Engineers are working on integrating these rivers with existing splash pads to reduce extra funds investment.

Furthermore, splash pad companies include new features for more child’s interactive education with hands-on water wheels, water flow, to teach them alongside the fun

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