What dinosaur has 500 teeth – Nigersaurus Fact File

Who is not fascinated by the Dinosaurs? People might be wondering and searching What dinosaur has 500 teeth ? Whenever we think of dinosaurs, we tend to watch Steven Spielberg’s “ Jurassic Park”. However, when we think about reality and its existence, we seem to not believe in paleontology. Although, we do have enough evidence to make you believe that it existed, and once upon a time they ruled the planet. 

This diverse group of reptiles belong to the group of dinosaurs and first appeared in the Triassic period( between 243 – 233.3 million years ago). In addition, they became dominant 201.3 million years ago during the Triassic–Jurassic extinction event. Likewise, the dominance continued for the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. However, “don’t google what dinosaur has 500 teeth” is a joke which turned into a meme.

Upon extensive research, paleontologists have discovered over 900 distinct genera and over 1000 different species of non-avian dinosaurs. Similarly, scientists and people are interestingly looking for 500 toothed dinosaurs. Likewise, among them, the most researched dinosaur would be Nigersaurus. 

What dinosaur has 500 teeth- Some facts about it

Name: Nigersaurus (also known in Greek for “Niger lizard”)

Named By: Paul Sereno.

Classification: Falls into the group of ‬Sauropoda,‭ ‬

Species: N.‭ ‬taqueti (Type).

Habitat: Northern Africa (‬Niger)

Period: 110 million years ago ( Cretaceous periods)

Size and Weight: 9 m or 30 feet in length and six tons of weight, femur reaching 1 m

Diet: Herbivorous

Distinguishing Characteristics: short neck; broad mouth with 500 teeth; wide jaws

What dinosaur has 500 teeth name

If you google what dinosaur has 500 teeth, the search result will show Nigersaurus. Nigersaurus is a herbivorous dinosaur who is also known as a 500 teeth dinosaur. Moreover, this particular species lived in the Niger of the Sahara desert. 

In addition, they lived in a dense forest with other predatory dinosaurs. Not to mention, they also belong to the same group of other herbivorous species. Go through this article to know more about What dinosaur has 500 teeth name.

A bizarre 500 toothed dinosaurs

As far as appearance is concerned, it had a delicate skull with a wide mouth. In addition, it has almost 500 replaceable teeth which used to be helpful for browsing plants. This dinosaur is characterized by its broad yet straight-edged muzzle and long neck. Scientists have digitally created skulls that are reconstructed through CT scans and found some vital information. The wide muzzle would be a perfect accomplice for feeding amongst low-lying plants. Moreover, Nigerasaus can replace his tooth every 14 days.

What type of dinosaur has 500 teeth

The Nigersaurus which is also known as the “Niger lizard” used to be living in the Cretaceous period. Likewise, in case you are searching about what type of dinosaur has 500 teeth,  this “Niger reptile” is relatively new among other species. Moreover, these unique dinosaurs are purely herbivorous. It belongs to the family of sauropods which are herbivores.

This species weighs 5-6 tons and its length is 30 feet. Moreover, it is said that the origin of the Nigersaurus is from Niger. Scientists have found numerous bones in Niger, Algeria, and Tunisia. Furthermore, some remains have notably been discovered within the Elrhaz Formation. 

It was first described in 1976 but named in 1998 after a more thorough investigation was complete. French paleontologist Philippe Taquet has named the type of the species as Nigersaurus taqueti. He was the person who discovered the sauropod’s remains.

What dinosaur has 500 teeth – Nigersaurus dental batteries

The main characteristics of the Nigersaurus are quite smaller than its class. Likewise, this dinosaur is considered one of the largest with a broad mouth. Moreover, it has a short neck and its mouth has some similar commonalities to some household appliances. In addition, Paleontologist Paul Sereno named the species as Nigersaurus.

As it has some unique features, People are now seemingly interested in searching what dinosaur has 500 teeth? Muzzle-like features proved beneficial for feeding. Additionally, this 500 tooth dinosaur has four large fenestrae and an opening in the head. Similarly, the jaw structure is quite orthodox. It is the only tetrapod animal whose jaws are stronger than its head. In addition, the teeth are also extended laterally in front of its frontal portion. Among sauropod families, this dental structure is unique and not found widely too. 

Moreover, the upper part of the jaw has 60 column teeth whereas the lower part of the jaw has 68 column teeth. When you are considering the processing of teeth laterally in front of your mouth, it might not be suitable when they bite on leaves dangling around the trees. However, 500 teeth dinosaurs are highly effective when they are used to grazing at a low level. Thus, they are also called “Mesozoic cows.”

Why people are saying that you should not search “what dinosaur has 500 teeth”

Practical jokes and gags have more or less some varying level of humor. However, some people mistakenly take it as personal too. Some may attempt to struggle with it. This trending gag “what dinosaur has 500 teeth” – falls into such a category.

1. what dinosaur has 500 teeth” is all about getting people to say the N-word

What dinosaur has 500 teeth meme is all about fun. Likewise, people are more or less obsessed with this long prehistoric creature. Moreover, they hope that people will mispronounce the name and accidentally say the N-word.

2. What dinosaur has 500 teeth first gained its popularity in Reddit

What dinosaur has 500 teeth while searching in google turned into a meme? Moreover, Sometimes it is also referred to as “the most politically incorrect dinosaur ever”. Moreover, others also stated it as “Africanamericanasaurus is a mouthful.” In certain posts, people tried to correct the pronunciations of Nigersaurus – like “nye-juhr” – but it did not resist anyone making racist remarks. 

The meme has become so viral that when you enter ``What dinosaur has 500 teeth into google, the search results popped out “most teeth” or the “500 teeth” meme. Likewise, this search result has become one of the most racist search gags.

All you need to know about what dinosaur has 500 teeth

Dinosaurs are extinct creatures that existed millions of years ago. Almost all of us have watched several movies on these huge living beings, and thus, have the thirst to know more. A large number of research studies are ongoing on what dinosaur has 500 teeth. Researchers have found that Nigersaurus is one such dinosaur having 500 teeth. This post will enlighten you more on this species and resolve some of your queries on dinosaurs.

About the What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth Meme

The term ‘what dinosaur has 500 teeth’ became viral when a user on Reddit tried to pull a racist joke. This search question was widely typed on the Google search engine and thus, became a joke turned meme. You will find this term on various social media platforms that were first used three years back in 2019.

The phrase what dinosaur has 500 teeth was formed after a meme called ‘Don’t Google dinosaur with 500 teeth’ started surfacing over the internet. This phrase is now commonly used as a racial comment used by many on various platforms. Nigersaurus is a dinosaur with 500 teeth and it was discovered in the Republic of Niger. Therefore, people using this meme hint at those residing in that corner of the world.

Five Facts about What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth

Here are the five most crucial facts about the dinosaur that has 500 teeth:

Dinosaur with short neck:

Dinosaurs are sauropods having long necks measuring around 15 meters. However, Nigersaurus was one such member of this family, having relatively shorter necks. It had a neck measuring about or less than 10 meters.

Nigar Lizard:

Nigersaurus was discovered in the Republic of Niger, Africa. Hence, it is named after the ‘Nigar Lizards’, a species that resembles a smaller version of the former.

Plant only:

Nigersaurus are giant living beings that live on plants. They were herbivores and would fill their stomachs with soft plants like ferns, angiosperms, etc.

Discovery of dinosaur babies:

A baby of the Nigersaurus dinosaur was discovered in Niger by famous researcher Paul Sereno.

Posture debate:

Some researchers believe that Nigersaurus held their heads high, while some think they lowered their heads at an angle of 76 degrees for searching for food.


This post covered some crucial facts about what dinosaur has 500 teeth that will be a delight for animal planet lovers. There are tons of similar kinds of posts that encourage others to look up the name of dinosaurs. Moreover, This joke – turn- meme, What dinosaur has 500 teeth, has been shared overall on social media platforms. In addition, this type of gag can lead up to racist comments. However, some people may consider it offensive. 

Moreover, you can simply degrade and humiliate by such a post. In addition, people can deal with the what dinosaur has 500 teeth meme more effectively when young comics hope to surprise internet users by recommending a name similar to such a gag.

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