Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Private Investigator

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A private investigator’s job is more or less the same as an undercover police officer’s, but the difference is you can avail the former and not the latter. Private investigators (PIs) work independently for both individuals and companies. When hiring a private investigator for your case, you must follow some due diligence.

Since investigating a private matter can be sensitive, you must consider a few things before working with a PI agency like Elite Investigations. In this article, you’ll learn how to select the right agency for your case.

Are they Licensed?

To work as a private investigator, he/ she must be licensed. The police department administers the licensing along with the local courts. They must be licensed in the state they practice in.

In Victoria, the private investigators are licensed under the Licensing Services Division of Victoria Police. As per the Private Security Act of 2004, any PI operating in Melbourne should have a valid license at the time of investigating.

So you must check if the PI is licensed or not. The licensing should be no older than 12 months.

Are they Insured?

Private investigators should have liability insurance coverage. It is crucial because PIs can attract various types of litigation, which can result in financial loss. The litigations can come as a privacy violation, defamation, authenticity failure, and providing incorrect information.

So if you’re hiring a private investigator, you can legally use the PI for any of the above violations. The court will award you compensation if it rules the case in your favor.

The insurance carrier will cover the cost on the PI’s behalf. So to ensure you’ll receive the compensation, you must check if the agency has liability insurance coverage.

What’s their Background and Experience?

The background of the PI agency should be clean and reputed. It would be best if you asked how many years they have been in the business. It’s worth diving deep into their area of expertise.

Some agencies specialize in identity verification, while others excel at tracing missing persons. There are PIs who investigate computer/ cybercrimes. So you should select private investigators that have experience in what you want them to investigate.

What Will Be the Methodology for Your Case?

Investigators follow various procedures for different cases. So, inquire about how they will deal with your particular case. Ideally, they shouldn’t violate any law or anyone’s privacy. Otherwise, it could get you in trouble.

By law, the PIs are restricted from obtaining text messages and pose as police officers. If required, they should identify themselves as private investigators. Secondly, they should maintain confidentiality throughout the process.

What’s the Fee and Cancellation Policy?

Do they charge a flat fee or bill on a percentage basis? Some PI agencies also work on an hourly basis. You should be clear about the cost upfront.

Also, when working with a PI, results are not guaranteed. So it’s worth learning about their cancellation and refund policy.

Private investigation can help both individuals and companies in a lot of ways. It is entirely legal to investigate privately as long as you’re abiding by the law. A reputed and experienced agency like Elite Investigation ensures that your case is investigated within the framework of the law.

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