What Makes Metal Detecting a Great Hobby to Learn?

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By Jaylin

Metal detecting is an exciting hobby because you never know what you’ll find next. It is not just about the treasure anyway, the effort that goes into the digging, the calories you spend, and the anticipation that builds up to a climax. All these factors make you realize that metal detecting is a great hobby to learn, and if you haven’t started yet, it’s time for you to do it.

Always Stay Alert

All of us have problems staying alert and attentive, more so if we are senior citizens. Some people would like to do challenging things like working on a crossword puzzle or a brain teaser, all from the comfort of your chair or couch. However, when you go metal detecting, you get into the field and do some real work. When you challenge yourself intellectually and physically, it gives your brain great exercise and enhances your mental capacity.

Socially Active

Going treasure hunting with a metal detector keeps you socially interacting with a lot of people. Socializing helps reduce your anxiety levels and is also the best solution for fighting depression. With no age restrictions for metal detecting, you get to meet people of all age brackets, and there’s always a chance to make new friends. There are metal detecting clubs you can join and get to meet new friends who think alike. Once you’ve found an excellent friend, you’ll understand why metal detecting is a great hobby to learn, and you can go on joint detecting trips.

Best Places for Metal Detecting

There are countless places where you can ply your trade. The beach is a great place to start with, as it has some strange treasures to detect. Heading into the woods on a sunny day might turn out to be your day (think of all the excitement) as it could be a thrilling experience. Check out the old homesteads near your neighborhood or creeks and meadows. Just remember, if you are entering any private property at any time, you need first to get the owner’s permission.

What should you look for?

You never know when you’ll hit pay dirt. Besides gold doubloons (remember the pirates of yore?), you may find exciting trinkets like 100-year old brass buckles or bullet casings loaded with history and mystery. Beginners always tend to look for coins, fondly hoping to find a decent stash. Detecting coins is probably the easiest metal detecting you can do; even a few nickels and dimes can make your day. It is not the intrinsic value, though people have found small fortunes in coins buried here and there. You may find old watches and jewelry, both of which can have good antique value if they are old enough and in decent condition.

Choose a Handy Metal Detector

The metal detector you choose should be easy to lug around. Hence, it should be lightweight and have all the essential features. Some advanced metal detectors are cutting-edge and can even show the possible depth at which the metal lines and a fair idea of what lies below the ground. Such sensors will indicate whether the metal is gold, silver, copper, brass, iron, or just plain nickel, allowing you to continue digging or abandoning and going for the next target.

Summing it Up

Metal detecting is an exciting hobby that can keep away boredom and bring some excitement into your life. In most cases, it is highly remunerative, though your skills and luck depend on what you find, where.

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