How To Prevent And Remove Bats And Rats In A Safe Manner?

If you are a little squeamish about pests in the house, that is completely normal. Bats, rats, and other creatures belong to the outside environment. Indoors is not where they want to end up, but that can happen if you do not take certain measures.

Apart from the dangers of disease and bites, a pests invasion can leave you very stressed as you fumble around trying to figure out what to do next. Luckily, pest prevention and removal is not rocket science. Here are some pointers and suggestions that will help you keep your peace of mind.

Keeping Bats Away

It is always good to take those precautions that will prevent a nasty pest intrusion. Some ways you can fortify your house from wandering bats include constantly repairing walls and blocking entryways into your sheds and living spaces. Bats are sensitive to the smell of mothballs so you can place them around in well-ventilated spots.

Phenol also is an effective bat repellant and that is not the only smell they hate – eucalyptus and cinnamon can also do the trick. Just make sure you keep the mothballs and phenol out of reach from minors. Mirrors and aluminum foil are also regarded as preventive measures because they reflect light and keep the bats disoriented so they will fly somewhere else.

You may have had a bat infestation for a while or it could have been a stray animal that mistakenly found its way into your house. Whether they are roosting in the attic, or if there is an individual flailing around in your home, and you are not able to direct it outside, call the experts. For bat removal Houston Texas has many animal removal services that you can reach out to.

Prevent Rats From Entering Your Home

Rats are dangerous but not in a horror-movie kind of way. These hardy rodents possess skills to survive anywhere and they also carry an innumerable number of diseases and pests with them.

If you have children or pets in the house, and there is a rat in the vicinity then you need to take action fast. Even if you have spotted a ratty intruder in your home, do not panic. Rather than turn your house upside down, call the rat removal Houston professionals.

Hygiene Matters

Hygiene is the most crucial factor when it comes to rat prevention. Apart from cleaning up your kitchens, ensure that your yard space is well-maintained and there is no place for rodents to nest. Garbage should be disposed of in an appropriate manner and always cover your trash cans to discourage pests. Rats can enter your home from surrounding trees and vines so always trim and cut the foliage around the house.

If you are living in urban spaces close to markets and restaurants, there is a high probability of rats living in the neighborhood. Clean interiors and metal/plastic sheeting on your windows can prevent rodents.

Keep an eye on your drainage system and places like attics, basements and the spaces under the floorboards – there might be possible entry points due to weathering or damage to the building or flooring material.

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