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Ourcoaching – You just heard it. After hearing the word what comes into your mind first. “There are some people who will coach you for certain topic”- right? Well let me first tell though you may know that Coaching is a form of development in which a person called a coach supports a learner or client in achieving a appropriate personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance. Here the coach and coachee both are you or people like you.

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Ourcoaching.com is an e-Learning Platform based on sharing experience while acquiring knowledge by you. Yes you heard it correct. You may be an instructor or an academician, a disciplinarian or a disciple, a teacher or a student. We don’t judge your experience. You can share your experience by uploading content with image, videos and info graphics i.e. graphic visual representations of info, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly. We notice that sometimes even a scholar teacher can’t really give you a lesson to digest whether an student or a friend with ordinary brain can ring the bell.

Smart Class

Ourcoaching.com offers quality education which will ultimately lead the young minds to a successful career. We do not believe in limiting one only to traditional classroom teaching but we think beyond it. There are many institutes which follows our video tutorials in their smart class.

Earn while learn

As we told before you can share your experience via videos , info graphics and images, contents etc. Connect with our users by being a online instructor. We believe learning is throughout life process. So you master of one or many but not all. That’s why you can learn many things through our website at absolutely free of cost. You can earn from every experience you share with our reader-viewer through post on our site. That’s why we say Earn while learn.

Age is only for Cage

To become an online instructor there is no age bar. Famous scientist Sir Alexander Newton once said one can learn from a 5 year old too. As soon as you have some worthy to share which can be beneficial for our reader–viewer you can publish your post, research, thesis etc.

Tender hinders

Show no tender to hinders. At ourcoaching we believe thirst for knowledge, determination for success does not obey any boundaries. Because any sort of regional boundaries can’t bind true determination for education. In your mind your ambition should be loud and clear.

Wide range of Choices

We have more than 10,000 topics to choose from. You can write on any of those. As you know uploading your content is absolutely free of cost. But what we strictly follow is that content quality should be good. You may publish on the same topic a video or content existed but viewing angle should be new.

Digital Education – Venture to future

Ourcoaching is a joint venture of Kunal Kapoor the Founder & CEO and Sahil Kapoor the Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer. They dreamt of this digital learning during working in MNC for four years. They give their best technically by constantly diminishing learning hurdles so that thirst for achieving wisdom never bound by any circumstances.

Success Formula

Surely you may have heard several times that there is no shortcut for success. Success can only be achieved by smart hard word work. There is no alter for assiduousness. Steve Barkley once said that success can achieve by your ability to give effort in a opted manageable task. As soon as the students starts to develop a feeling in their gut that they CAN get there and they’re growing all the time. Don’t avoid the problems. Break them down. Tackle the hurdle. Identify the solutions Make the learner data based. These are the main mantras for success.

Getting Inspired

The process of being ideally stimulated to do or feel something, specially to do something creative is called inspiration. Some get inspiration from any incident while other get it from somebody. In our case the inspiration is our supporters – our readers. They motivate us to keep the thing running.

Spreading fast – easy to use

We are presently operating from our Delhi based office. Soon we will open our branches in five metro cities. We have more than thousands of registered user from different cities across the globe which gives the fuel to be in this industry and gradually grow our online digital learning platform. Using our online platform and becoming a contributor of our digital platform is very easy Using Youtube, Facebook like social sites we are spreading much faster. Our technical and academicals dedicated team work flawlessly to keep it simple and easy to use our digital platform.

Last but not least

Over than ten thousands plus topics, more than hundreds of contributors and several thousand users is our main USP. Today name any topic from nail to hair, fat to fit, learning to earning, startup to setup— we cover it all!!! Last but not least – Stay focused, keep your mind sharp and don’t underestimate your capability. Don’t let the attitude – “Tomorrow we will see” – to take the grip on you because tomorrow never die.

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