Facts Related To Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a therapeutic practice by which any physical immobilization is treated to resume normal functions of the body by the application of mechanical force, massage, exercise, etc. In certain conditions, the body loses its mobility or ability to move due to a prolonged illness, accident, or damage. In such circumstances, more than medicinal intervention, physical therapy, or physiotherapy can make wonders in regaining the normal functions of the body.

Physiotherapists are professionals, who are well-skilled and updated about the correct procedures of the treatment.

When to Know That Physiotherapy Is Essential?

Physiotherapy Facts Related To Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is mostly prescribed when an individual has lost or has decreased ability to walk, stand, move, locomotion, or continues performing their regular activities without any help. Physiotherapists may perform several tests based on which they will be able to understand the nature of disability. Hence, they will design the nature of treatment. Imaging studies like X-rays, CT-scans or MRI- scans can be effective to diagnose the problem, which is responsible for the disability.

Types of Physiotherapy

Various types of physiotherapy are associated with various types of disabilities that occur due to different problems. So, to decide which type of physiotherapy is best suited for an individual, the nature of the problem should first be recognized and then treated. Below mentioned are some areas in which physiotherapy specializes:

• Physiotherapy necessary to treat heart ailments: Such therapy is mostly needed after a surgery related to the heart. This is done to improve the tolerance level of the patients and get back to normal life sooner. After surgeries like bypass surgery, angioplasty, installing a pacemaker, valve replacement, etc, cardiovascular physiotherapy can be greatly helpful. Pulmonary physiotherapy can be advantageous in treating issues related to the lungs such as cystic fibrosis along with medications. After a cardiac arrest, surgery or issues related to the lungs, this kind of physiotherapy could be highly beneficial to regain normal functions of the body.

Physiotherapy 1 Facts Related To Physiotherapy

• Age-related physiotherapy: With age, comes a lot of physical issues like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. due to which patients lose their mobility and ability to continue with the normal activities of day to day life. Under such circumstances, along with medications, physiotherapy, specifically referred to as geriatric physiotherapy, can be of a great help to treat such individuals.

• Physiotherapy to treat neurological disorders: Several neurological disorders like cerebral attack, cerebral and/or facial palsy, multiple sclerosis, brain, and/or spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s disease, ankylosing spondylitis, etc. can show marked improvement if physiotherapy is continued along with medications. Such physiotherapists require specialized training to get the patients back to normal life.

• Physiotherapy for orthopedic issues: Issues related to the bones and muscles generally have long-term effects and need prolonged physiotherapy and exercise to get back to normal life.

• Pediatric Physiotherapy: Children may sometimes be born with disabilities, which may turn out to be more severe with time. Problems such as body balance, faulty motor skills, or any other neuromuscular or skeletal issue can get much better with time, if pediatric physiotherapy is started from an early age.

• Sports Physiotherapy: Physiotherapists are a must during any outdoor sports. Sudden sprain, injury, or muscle contraction can be treated perfectly by physiotherapy. Even if there is no such issue, physiotherapy helps to get over from minute pains and helps an individual to get back to lead a normal life.

Thus, as our life is being faster paced and with the advent of new diseases, physiotherapy plays a crucial role, as it imparts the working ability in a physically disabled person. With the right techniques, one can get over their physical illness much earlier if a well-trained physiotherapist takes charge.


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