How Much Does it Cost to Vacation in Singapore? A Helpful Guide

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By Jaylin

If you’re not focused on planning your next vacation, you may want to reconsider! We’re all under stress, and having goals is a great way to keep ourselves going.

Travel, in particular, is great for your mental health. Why not focus your sights on a future escape from it all?

Have you ever considered a vacation in Singapore? If not, it’s time to reconsider. Singapore is an exciting and affordable destination.

Where Is Singapore and What Is It Like?

If you don’t know much about Singapore, it makes sense that you wouldn’t think to go there.

Singapore is an island country in Southeast Asia. It’s a tropical country, and full of beautiful sites to see and things to do. Whether you travel for food, nature, history, arts, and culture, or for any other reason, Singapore has an attraction for you.

Cost of a Vacation in Singapore

How expensive is Singapore, though?

It’s true that Singapore is one of the more expensive destinations in Southeast Asia. However, compared to many other popular vacation destinations, it’s still very wallet-friendly.

How Much Is Travel?

Naturally, the first expense of any trip is the travel cost itself. Travel costs vary, of course, but round-trip airfare from the United States is about $700-800 as of April 2020.

Once you’re in Singapore, check out their metro transit (MRT) and bus systems. Trips on the MRT are cheap, usually not much more than $1, and you can buy multi-day passes for under $20.

How Much Are Accommodations?

Once you’re in Singapore, where will you stay?

Mid-range hotels are between S$100-200, but you can find cheaper accommodations at hostels. Of course, there are more expensive hotels as well, if you have the funds.

How Much Is Food?

Food, if you’re frugal and eat delicious meals from hawker stalls in open-air markets, can be as inexpensive as just S$15-20 a day! You could buy your own groceries and cook, but this isn’t always the most affordable way to go.

On a bigger budget, a fancier restaurant like Jumbo Seafood is a great activity to do with groups.

How Much Do Attractions Cost?

Speaking of activities, what will you do when you’re not eating or sleeping?

There are many excellent things to do in Singapore, no matter who you are.

For nature lovers, there’s the Singapore Zoo (S$31 for adults). On a tighter budget, try the beautiful National Orchid Garden (just S$5 for adults)!

Museum fans will enjoy Singapore’s National Museum (S$15 for adults) and the Asian Civilisations Museum (S$20 for adults).

Looking for More Getaway and Leisure Ideas?

Singapore is a great travel destination to set your sights on. While it’s not the cheapest place in Southeast Asia, it’s still extremely affordable and a fascinating place to visit. With transportation and accommodation costs relatively low, entertainment affordable, and food as cheap as can be, you can enjoy a vacation in Singapore jam-packed with enjoyment for a steal.

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