Eliminating Dead Skin Cell: A Guide

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After acting as a warrior against pollution and other microbes, our skin encounters great damage. Of all things that appear as a result of that damage, dead skin peeling off our body hurts the most. So, what can we do? According to NU skin experts, it is first essential to understand what causes the dead skin to accumulate. Human skin is obvious to reach the end of its lifespan and keep you from looking smooth and radiant. But the problem turns out the worst when these dead cells build up on your skin, creating a mini-cell graveyard. For some, aging can be the reason, while for others, dry skin, environment, and not exfoliating is the major cause. But don’t worry if you have a little bit of built-up because given below is a way out for all of you.


The old-fashioned cleansing is, in fact, a crucial thing to do, if you want to pamper the outer crust of your body to the fullest. But it also takes a few careful steps to get the job done right. Begin with rinsing the surface with warm water, followed by a gentle lathering of your favorite cleanser using fingertips. You can rinse the cleanser with cool water and pat the surface dry with a soft towel. Now, with all the dirt and excess oil eliminated, you are ready with a nice slate to work on.


There’s nothing better than steaming to replenish your skin and give you relaxation. It’s the best way to prepare the surface for exfoliation as it opens the pores and loosens up the dead cells. Washcloth and Big Bowl are two different ways to go about doing this. In washcloth, you need a piece of soft washcloth duly soaked in hot water to rest it on your skin for 10 minutes. Whereas, big bowl method demands you to sit with your face above the steaming water to yield more effective results.


This step clears your skin and helps you get rid of dead cells. You just need either physical or chemical exfoliators and apply them gently over your skin. Despite which product you choose, just remember to avoid rubbing too vigorously, but repeat the step at least once in a week.


Now, you are ready for a facial mask or if you want to treat yourself, head to the spa. You can also be creative with the mask and create one on your own using natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Yogurt, Oatmeal, Papaya, and Avocado. Different types of masks go for different skin types, so make sure you use one that is suitable for your skin.


Finally, you will apply a high-quality moisturizer just to ensure that your skin is super hydrated. This will prevent the cells from dying prematurely in the future. It doesn’t hurt to repeat the step several times a day and not only after the exfoliation.

While the skin cells turning dull and dead is a natural phenomenon, it doesn’t have to sit on your skin and take away your radiance. Try the foregoing steps today and revive that glowing skin you’ve been dreaming about.

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