How to keep Yourself Cool During Heated Gaming Sessions

Gaming is an extremely popular pastime in the U.S. and beyond, but it’s more than just a hobby to some. New online celebrities pop up all the time, and many of them are either pro gamers or gamers with popular live streams and YouTube channels. Esports keep rising in popularity, and the cash prizes involved mean that gaming is an actual career option for those with pro-level skills. Even if you don’t see yourself in an ESL Pro League Season for CS any time soon, you may already have what it takes to run a successful gaming channel with the right equipment.

Of course, gaming at a professional level is by no means easy, and real-life can easily get in the way. An example of this is the Cloud9 CSGO departure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which simply made it impossible for Cloud9 to maintain the housing, boot camps, and mental health support required for players to perform at their best. Cloud9 started competing mostly in North America when they were a new team, but the team gained international respect in just a few years.

If even a team of pros like C9 can reach a limit, you can bet there will be some frustration on the way as you attempt to rise up in your own gaming sessions. This isn’t meant to discourage—rather, it just means you’ll need to find ways to stay cool, literally and metaphorically, as you build your skills.

Keep your PC from overheating.

If you’re looking to play games like CS competitively, then odds are that you’re playing on PC for the increased precision and speed of mouse movements and better frame rates. The CS: GO scene isn’t known for being friendly to newcomers, and you’ll need every advantage you can get if you want to climb the ranks. Of course, even if you’re using a console, some of these tips will still apply, especially if you’re still using last-gen hardware with known overheating issues.

One of the best things you can do is simply clean your PC, including the exterior and the fan on the inside, and avoid blocking its vents. It’s simple advice, but it’s easy to forget how something tossed on the floor can block vents or how much an overclocked CPU can start heating up a room. If you’re still having difficulty after cleaning out the fan and underclocking the CPU, then you may have a thermal paste issue on your hands. If the thermal paste between your heat sink and your CPU/GPU is getting old, the heat sink may fail to function properly. These issues will raise the actual temperature of your gaming room and cause more frustrations during challenging sessions.

Take HVAC maintenance seriously.

If you’re noticing higher than usual temperatures throughout your entire house, then you may have an HVAC system issue. Make sure that you’re regularly replacing your air filters, since even forgetting to do this can clog your system and cause it to be overworked. Check your thermostat for faults as well. If you have a faulty thermostat, it may prevent your air conditioner from completing a full cycle, meaning that the temperature in your gaming room will never drop as low as the thermostat is set for.

Don’t forget to stay refreshed.

When you’re in the middle of a marathon gaming session, it’s easy to forget to eat or drink. Becoming dehydrated, however, is bad for your health, and it will cause your performance to drop further. If you don’t like drinking from the tap due to potential contaminants, then a water cooler delivery is your perfect option.

The best water delivery service can provide you with bottles, or gallons, of purified water with great taste. Get a water cooler delivered with it, and you’ll be able to keep all you need with you in your gaming room. No matter how heated your sessions get, don’t forget to take a break and cool down to keep yourself performing at your best.

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