5 Best Cryptocurrency Apps 2021

Stepping into the fast-paced, volatile world of cryptocurrencies is certainly daunting. Perhaps, you are an experienced crypto trader looking for an authentic digital currency mobile app.

This article will give you an overview of the 5 best cryptocurrency apps 2021.

These applications facilitate exchange, trading, and storing digital currency, all in a secure environment. The best option offers multiple currencies, a host of services, and reasonable prices. Apart from being familiar with Ethereum pros and cons, learn about much more here. Tag along and find the ideal option for your digital trading!

1. Coinbase

If you are a new crypto investor, Coinbase is downright the best cryptocurrency app for you. Its extremely simple user interface and a host of features make it top the list. Besides investing in cryptocurrency, you can use the app for trading, retail wallet, and creating custodial accounts.

Coinbase lets you invest in multiple currencies, including Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, XRP, and over 20 more. You can rest assured while using the app as it is a licensed cryptocurrency exchange.


  • Offers over 25 cryptocurrencies
  • Easy user interface
  • Security assures
  • Highly liquid
  • Reasonable fee structure


  • Does not offer enough choices for the experienced traders
  • A lack of user control over the wallet

2. Bisq

One of the few cryptocurrency exchanges following a decentralized system, Bisq gives you complete control over the funds. Besides, it is not restricted to a single headquarter but spread across multiple locations. Therefore, it is one of the most transparent and safe crypto trading platforms.

Bisq also offers fiat-crypto trading, allowing users to deposit currencies through bank transfers via Perfect Money, Zele, and AliPay.


  • Non-custodial
  • Does not require KYC (know your customer)
  • Over 60 cryptocurrencies and multiple fiat currency exchange options
  • Offers a mobile app for both Android and iOS
  • A decentralized system ensures security


  • Relatively slow speed
  • Comparatively low trading volume

3. Binance.US

Binance.US stands out for its low fees and multiple trading options. You can use this exchange app for trading over 50 cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, and stable coins (assets backed by US dollars). One of the best services offered by this platform is recurring buys, automatically conducting investment on a set schedule.

Besides, Binance.US offers a wide range of services for institutions. These include OTC trading, real-time market updates like EOS live price chart, staking rewards, and robust customer support.


  • Reasonable fees
  • Multiple services for individual and institutional investors
  • Over 50 cryptocurrencies
  • Multiple fiat-currency pairs
  • Advanced charting and real-time market data


  • Not available for residents of a few American states

4. Gemini

Gemini is one of the best cryptocurrency apps for trading Bitcoins and Ethereum. The online portal is packed with products and features like Gemini Wallet, Custody, Earn and Pay. Besides, it also includes brokerage services like Gemini Clearing and digital assets like Gemini Dollar.

This way, you can store your assets online or offline (wallet or custody). The crypto exchange is available on a range of platforms, including iOS and Android mobile apps, web exchange, institutional tools, active trader portals, and more.


  • Advanced trading platform
  • Allows offline storage
  • Offers multiple educational resources
  • Multiple advanced trading platforms


  • High fees for credit and debit card transfers

5. Kraken

Kraken is one of the best cryptocurrency apps in 2021, offering over 50 currencies to trade online. Moreover, it is available in about 190 countries, making it accessible to every crypto investor. The app has a low fee and offers a range of services to businesses and individuals. These include consultation, OTC trading, account management, market expert advice, and more.

Kraken lets you borrow up to 5 times your balance for trading so that you can invest without any second thoughts. Its exclusive feature of ‘Future’ lets you line up a future trade based upon the current price or date.


  • Over 50 digital currencies
  • Low fee structure
  • Multiple services and educational sources


  • Not available in the states of Washington and New York

Summing Up

While understanding cryptocurrencies and how trading works holds immense importance, picking the right crypto app or exchange is crucial. Make sure to check the pricing, available products and services, customer support, and security system of the app.

This article lists the 5 best cryptocurrency apps, so you need not get confused between the multiple options on the internet. Happy trading!

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