Is Hardwood Flooring Right for the Bedroom?

Hardwood flooring is often seen as a luxury choice. It’s expensive, takes longer to install, and is often reserved for one or two areas in the home, such as the hallway or kitchen.

However, more and more people are choosing to use hardwood flooring in the bedroom as well. Forgoing the comfort and warmth traditional flooring offers for a more utilitarian, durable option. Is it the right choice? We’ve drawn up some of the pros and cons that hardwood floors can offer when compared to carpets. Read on to find out more.

Hardwood Pros & Cons

Hardwood floors are durable and easy to clean. Spills can be cleaned up easily in seconds with a towel or paper tissue, and regular hoovering can be replaced by a quick once-over with a brush and dustpan.

They are a classic design choice and go with just about any furniture pairing. Check out some bedroom sets on sale and visualize how they look in your hardwood-floored bedroom.

Additionally, choosing a hardwood floor may be a viable option if you suffer from allergies. Carpets can often trap allergens like dust and pollen, which can cause sleep quality to suffer for those of us more prone to sneezing fits.

However, these benefits come at a price. Hardwood flooring is expensive to both purchase and install, with repairs to scratches or marks also coming with a substantial price tag.

Furthermore, hardwood floors can be noisy, which could be an issue in the bedroom where silence is golden, and they can be cold, especially in chillier climates.

Carpet pros and cons

Choosing a carpet for your bedroom is a much cheaper option for both materials and fitting than is a hardwood alternative. What’s more, carpets are excellent at retaining heat, perfect for those bracing winter mornings, and they also work to deaden sound, which can have great benefits for the quality of your sleep.

However, carpets are vulnerable to wear and tear. High-traffic areas can get worn out quickly, which can affect the visual appeal of a room, with some parts of the carpet needing to be replaced quicker than others. 

Carpets also require regular hoovering and cleaning, sometimes with special carpet cleaners, and often needing the help of professionals. Spillages can have catastrophic consequences, especially when dark liquids and light carpets are involved. We’ve all heard horror stories of when red wine meets a cream carpet.

 As previously mentioned, carpets can trap allergens, particularly dust and pet hair, so they may not be a suitable choice for people who suffer from sensitivities like hay fever.


Choosing the right type of flooring for your bedroom can be a puzzling process. Each offers different benefits and disadvantages in terms of value, style, practicality, and comfort. You’ll need to carefully weigh up your wants and needs to ensure you’re making the right choice for your home.

Good quality sleep is crucial for both our physical and mental well-being, so making sure you are comfortable and satisfied in your sleeping space should be high on your list of priorities.

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