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By Sarah Jay

Google Gravity has been around for ten years, which is nothing more than trickery. Ricardo Cabello developed the first project or trick in 2009. Google is well-known for having easter eggs. As a result, it has developed a variety of pranks, easter eggs, gravity google, and April Fool’s Day hoaxes to amuse and entertain its visitors.

Without a question, Google has an incredible amount of information, which may be one of the reasons why we are so enamored with it. Even while you may be familiar with and enjoy the incredibly inventive Google Doodles. You may have already entertained yourself with some of the well-known Easter eggs, but some of you may not be aware of the various mysteries they hold.

In this article, we will discuss many of the fun and informative Easter eggs by Google. Some of them are still present and you can try them after reading this article. So let’s begin.

What is Google Gravity?

Google Gravity is nothing more than a JavaScript program. It simulates the appearance of Google’s search page’s buttons, links, and search boxes collapsing in the user’s browser.

Users who are unaware of the initiative may experience a shock. They may even ask the person who showed them the trick how did they do it. Users may be surprised and startled if all of the page elements suddenly start to fall.

In 2009 saw the creation of the original Google gravity project and trick. But following that, a number of Google gravity-based games were created, such as Google zero gravity and Google no gravity.

What was the original Google Gravity like?

The Google Gravity Project first debuted in 2009 with its initial iteration. The creator of this Javascript software is Ricardo Cabello. He works as a web designer and developer full-time.

This method will make the user feel as though “gravity” is pulling down the Google homepage. The creator of this Google trick, Ricardo Cabello, also goes by the name Mr. Doob.

In addition to this trick, he has also created a tonne of other amazing JavaScript interactive projects and tricks such as Google gravity lava.

How does the trick actually work?

  1. Open the web browser you are now using on your phone or computer, such as Google Chrome, Brave, Microsoft Edge, or your preferred choice.
  • Once the browser is open, enter in the URL panel at the top of the window. You must access the Google search engine’s main page because there is no shortcut to this.
  • Enter “google gravity” in the search field when the Google homepage is open on your smart device. Don’t immediately press enter or the search button.
  • You will notice that the gravity-Google trick has been enabled as soon as you click the I’m feeling lucky button rather than the search button. So the step must be google gravity I’m feeling lucky not google gravity and search.
  • Play around with the enjoyable features while still having direct access to the alternative option from that screen.

What are the most well-known and entertaining easter eggs?

They are unforeseen, secret gifts that Google occasionally astonishes us with. Due to the rarity of new Easter eggs, we chose to share some of our favorite oldies with you.

1.   Do a Barrel Roll

What you should do is: Go to Google and type “perform a barrel roll”

What you get: Just test it for yourself, without hesitation!

The barrel roll is an aerodynamic maneuver that involves a full rotation of the aircraft.

2.   Google Sphere

What you should do is: select “I’m Feeling Lucky” from the search results for “Google Sphere”.

What you get: Using Google Sphere, the entire web page is converted into a ball or sphere. The entire interface moves together with the movement of the cursor.

It’s extremely nice that you can still search for photographs, in my opinion. Finding the search button can become a little more challenging.

3.   Batman

Google capitalized on the excitement surrounding the debut of Robert Pattinson’s upcoming Batman film by releasing a brand-new easter egg. It continues to function even after several months, so if you haven’t tried it, you should. Just type in “Bruce Wayne,” “Gotham City,” or “Bat-Signal.”

 On the screen, there should be a bat-signal icon next to the information card. When you click it, a bat signal will appear on the search results page and Batman will fly across your screen.

4.   Pacman

What you should do is: Visit Then begin to play!

What you get: Although it’s not truly an Easter egg, this information is nonetheless important. Rewind the clock and delight. By the way, Google displayed this page in honor of the game’s 30th birthday.

5.   Friends Easter Egg

Google released six additional easter eggs in honor of Friends’ 25th anniversary, one for each member of the core cast. You are going to have to use their full name

6. Anti-Gravity Google

All the Google items will float on your screen thanks to the Google anti-gravity gimmick. This is a great ruse to show folks how the arcade aesthetic keeps things interesting.

You must perform the identical actions that you did for the gravity Google trick in order to activate this application. You only need to change one character of what you write in the search area. Write “Google anti-gravity” in place of “Google Gravity.”

7.   Zero Gravity Google

In zero-gravity mode, the Google elements will be displayed inverted. as if everything has been turned on its head. You must follow the same steps to activate this program as well. However, before clicking, you must double-check that you are typing “google zero gravity.” I’m feeling fortunate.

8.   Google Underwater

As the name implies, the underwater interface transports you underwater. Here, you can expand the number of fish on your screen. In addition, you can make out a mirror image of the word “Google” and the search bar floating on the water. Simply type “google underwater” before activating this program to follow the same activation instructions.


Although there are many entertaining Google Easter Eggs to test, like Google Gravity, we’ve prepared a list of the most entertaining. They are all well-known, and widely used tricks you may ask Google to perform.

The Google search engine contains over 80 easter eggs. Isn’t it entertaining to watch Google perform tricks? This demonstrates the power of what is unquestionably the best search engine and its ability to interest users with seemingly little details.

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