IOTransfer 4, A Reliable iTunes Alternative & Practical Video Downloader

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By Jaylin

As an iPhone user for more than five years, I used to sync or transfer files, especially photos, songs and videos from my computer to my iPhone by using iTunes. But in these experiences, I always had some trouble. For example, when I finally added several new songs to my phone, I found that the existing songs on my iPhone were missing. It’s frustrating. My friend told me that this is a common problem with iTunes when trying to sync files, which is replacing the existing files on the iPhone.

It was also because of those unpleasant experiences with iTunes that I tried to use alternatives to iTunes. What I’m going to talk about in this review is one of the best alternatives to iTunes-IOTransfer 4, First of all, to be honest, it’s not completely free, but there are plenty of free and nice features. Second, of all the software I’ve used, it’s not the cheapest or most expensive. However, I think it’s indeed worthwhile. Let’s check this software and see more details.

IOTransfer4 is a simple and effective iOS software for transferring files between PCs and iOS devices. At the same time, it built-in with a wide range of useful functions, like phone cleaning, online video download, video format convert, wireless transfer, etc. That’s why it also be called a phone cleaner, unblocked video downloader. Next, we’ll focus on its two most prominent features: file transfer and video download respectively.

One-Solution Treansfer& Wireless Transfer

As mentioned before, this iPhone transfer software is one of the best iTunes alternatives, it enables you to transfer kinds of iOS content like photos, music, videos or movies, and other files or documents from your computer to iPhone iPad, and vice versa. Most importantly, it won’t cause any data loss; it won’t replace any existing file on your device. We also mention Air-Trans, one of the most interesting features that allow files to be transferred between devices using Wi-Fi. This free you from using a USB cable and make the transfer process more convenient.

Video Downloader& Converter

The application also provides accessory features that can be useful. To mention the possibility of downloading videos from various online services, like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more 100+ sites, it gives you the easiest way to get your favorite videos without effort. You can save them to your computer or to your iPhone iPad directly so that you can watch them at any time and anywhere. What makes their users appreciated is that IOTransfer 4 even providing the features to convert the video format. It can help you easily convert the downloaded video into whatever format you need. In other words, you can directly download YouTube videos to MP3, MP4, AVI, MKV, and more.


This is IOTransfer 4, practical and comprehensive software. In this article, we’ve only briefly covered two of its most prominent features, but as mentioned earlier, it’s much more than that. If like me, you’re fed up with using iTunes and looking for better tools to transfer and manage your iPhone iPad content, you can have a try on IOTransfer 4. Even if you don’t want to pay to try out its advanced features, you can use its free features to download videos, clean up similar images, and so on.

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