How Collaborating with Augmented Reality Can Streamline Customer Experiences

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Many AR-based tools are navigating its way to the customer support industry making it easier for experts to provide meaningful relationships. Many leading SMEs and startups are using Augmented Reality to defy the limits and build a loyal customer fanbase. You don’t have to get an app anymore when it comes to embracing AR-powered experiences for customers. Accessing Augmented Reality is as easy as sending a link to the customers and trigger the remote assistance session.

  • What is Augmented Reality?
  • Top 3 Ways to Enhance Customer Experience Using AR
  • How Does Customer Service Solution Work?
  • Benefits of Using Augmented Reality

What Is Augmented Reality?

With the help of AR, you can seamlessly overlay or project abstract objects virtually to help customers or people understand what they might look like in the real world. Augmented Reality helps in providing an almost-real 3D experience with a 360-degree view. It merges the real world and virtual objects. Augmented Reality can quickly build a new, virtual environment by pumping information to the current environment.

Top 3 Ways to Enhance Customer Experiences Using AR

Augmented Reality has certainly improved customer experiences and prevented many growing problems in the business industry.

1. Boosting In-Home Shopping Experience

Augmented Reality has now made it seamlessly easy to imagine how a pair of shoes or clothes might appear even if they are not trying them physically. To embrace the Buy-Before-You-Use trend, many B2C industries ranging from fast fashion to interior design have jumped on the AR bandwagon.


For instance, IKEA allows you to put furniture anywhere in your house virtually before you purchase it. Customers are loving IKEA for using AR design based furniture setting and they can now easily visualize the type of furniture best-suited for their house.

2. Providing Remote Assistance

Augmented Reality is empowering companies to solve multiple problems sitting behind the screen. You can now check a customer’s smartphone to remove infrastructure or equipment-related issues. Augmented Reality allows the customer support team to incorporate a wide array of markers and 3D tags to the real-world objects without any hassle.

AR-Remote Support App

Imagine a customer waiting in the middle of the highway with a broken car. With the help of Augmented Reality, customer care experts can comprehensively solve this problem and navigate the customers using 3D markers leveraging real-world objects. Without even visiting the site, customer support services can streamline everything.

3. Boosting Self-Services

By using Augmented Reality, it can transform various customer support processes into self-service tasks. Any customer can access and use the AR-based database on their mobile phones to understand the product and prevent emerging problems on his or her own.

Sephora Virtual Artist

One of the leading AR-based applications is Sephora Virtual Assistant which helps women to check virtual makeup tutorials. Not only has it helped customers learn how to do makeup, but try a range of beauty products before applying it. Such types of applications foster self-service without charging any extra cost.

How Does Customer Service Solution Work?

Augmented Reality services have enhanced many different types of customer-merchant communication channels which include online chats, hand gestures, speech, and AR-backed pointers. By using AR-based tools, customers can start a remote call without installing a single app. After initiating the phone call, Augmented Reality can help customers easily activate their mobile phones. Customer support experts can check the defected products and the customers can prevent this problem on their own.

Benefits of Using Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality leverages different markers and various algorithms however simulating the entire environment. Whenever you wear an AR-powered headset and move your head, virtual graphics appear. It has now integrated into many businesses including customer care services. Here are the top four benefits of Augmented Reality you must know about.

Enhancing ROI

When it comes to enhancing profit revenue and ROI, online retailers can use Augmented Reality for their benefit. A UK-based boutique is using AR-based applications to let its customers try clothes before they make a decisive decision.

Lowering Human Errors

Companies are using Augmented Reality to explain the “How-to” procedure and functionality of any smartphone. AR can reduce errors by replacing humans and managing tedious tasks. According to a survey, AR-powered assembled machines can lower more than eighty-percent errors.

Cutting down the Budget

From removing management systems to highly-scalable models for training employees, AR can assist in reducing the overall budget of many fast-growing companies.

Tracking Customer Data

Businesses can now use Augmented Reality to track everything faster than asking every one of their customers. For example, Starbucks flagship Roastery uses Augmented Reality to foster customer experiences. Customers who visit the store can use their smartphones to extract information, unlock fun-filled visuals, and even learn the roasting procedure.

Wrap Up

From construction powerhouses to popular online retailers and manufacturing industries, many industries are using Augmented Reality to enhance the best customer experience.

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