Why is it important to make revision notes while studying?

The idea of making notes makes students frown. It is not their idea of fun and while they are always looking for shortcuts to finish their chore, making notes feels like a cumbersome chore. But, what if we told you that making notes can shrink your study time and make room for you to pursue your hobbies and even simply relax.


Yes, when you write and read, the topic gets stuck in your brain almost immediately rather than studying the same thing again and again. Writing your notes enables more information retention and activates the brain. In this article, we will walk you through the importance of making revision notes while studying and how you can easily make them without burdening yourself. Take a look.


How To Make Revision Notes


Separate Book For Each Subject


Making notes is a task that you fulfil after studying each chapter and accumulating everything you have learned and putting it together. For example, let’s say your teacher taught you chapter one in History. So, when you are listening to your teacher teach, make a note of everything she says. You don’t have to write lengthy answers, but short crisp ones with arrows and symbols if required. Now, she may even give you notes and homework, and you will also go home and study with the help of your textbook and the NCERT solutions. Now is when you make your notes.


You have gone through everything and seen the questionnaire too. You know which information is important and which isn’t. So, make short and crisp notes based on that. In fact, you can even underline the important points while studying and jot them down later. Make sure your notes are clean and the information is neatly written. Your revision notes should be your only source of information. Therefore, that’s how good it should be. To make it easier, keep a separate notebook for each subject.


Index and Page Number


Just because they are handwritten doesn’t mean you don’t number them or provide them with an index column. Otherwise, how will you even navigate easily? Make sure you number each page and provide the details for each chapter in the index column.

Include Examples and Make it Colourful


Your notes need not be boring. Therefore, if a splash of colour is what you love, it is always welcome. You can even use illustrations, diagrams, flowcharts, whatever makes taking notes and remembering them easy is allowed in your revision notes. And of course, always add examples or analogies wherever necessary. It can help you remember things even better and will help you grasp the concepts effortlessly.


Keep it Organized


Your revision notes will be your go-to books. As mentioned earlier, once you make your revision notes, you won’t go back to your textbooks or other solution books because these notes have been curated after taking every bit of information available in all the books. So, keep the chapters organized and write legibly so you understand whatever that’s written.


Now that you know how you can create standout notes for your subjects, let’s move on to the importance of revision notes while studying.


Better Understanding


A student’s life revolves around studying. Therefore, there are instances where even when you are reading something for your textbook, you are either reading it without actually understanding the concept or you are not actually paying attention. But when you make revision notes, you are forced to concentrate on whatever you are writing. Your brain will try to retain this information as more than one sense is engaged in the activity. However, typing things on your computer doesn’t really benefit you the same way.


But, don’t write things haphazardly. You need to keep it legible and clear. No one is asking you to put forward your best handwriting, just that it should be neat because your notes will be the only thing you will use for revision from here on. It should be comprehensive and must only contain important points.


Memory Boost


When you make revision notes while studying, it helps boost your memory. Things you write and learn together will not be forgotten easily. Even during your exam, if you think you have forgotten anything, just take a deep breath and relax. It will come back to you because you learned it as you wrote it.


Improves Attention Span


If you are a student who is usually unable to concentrate or focus on a task then writing will definitely help you out. Write and learn and you will see a difference in your attention span. So, keep writing and keep practising.


Improves Time-Management


When you make it a habit to write and practise, your speed improves. Therefore, you will no longer find it difficult to manage your time during your exams either. You will be able to finish writing well within the given timeframe and also save some time for revision before you hand over your paper.


More Use of Your Brain


When you are writing notes, you are concentrating on writing, summarizing, and editing your curriculum and also dictating the same to yourself. This aids positive memory and acts as an exercise for your brain, making it more agile and sharper. This will help your mind retain everything you write and study even during your exam.


You Can Carry Them Anywhere


Carrying your textbook, NCERT solutions, classwork and homework wherever you go is not feasible. But, your revision notes are sleek and you can carry them anywhere so that you never miss out on studying.


Now you know why you need revision notes. Make sure you start working on them from today itself. Always dedicate some time after your studies for your notes preparation.


Hope this helps!


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