Benefits of Using a Date Journals

Everyone once falls in love. To love and to be loved is the most beautiful thing in the world. I call my better half, baby. What is the pet’s name you use on your partner? Darling, honey, sugar, sweetheart, sweet pie, or angel? Call them all.

Well, I don’t call my better half, baby! Instead, I call her “Princessa.” It is a Spanish phrase for the princess. Loves in the air, right? The fragrance of affection and love is so staunch, and I feel it through my nose into my spine straight to my head.

Anyway, relationships come with lots of stuff, you know. Commitment, trust, honesty, overthinking, unnecessary arguments, and insecurity, to label a few. As much as there can be a storm over paradise, the best thing about love stories is dates.

The words “Baby, we are going out for a date. Get prepared.” Can the mood of couples from zero to hundred, quick? I know you know what I am saying. Every match wishes for a perfect date. An outing that will make memorable memories and keep them alive.

Planning a date can be tricky and tedious. Have you ever been out on a date but unsettled because who does not know what to do? I highly recommend you use a date journal. Let me show you how date journals may fabricate the biggest smiles on people’s faces.

Master Planner

There are numerous ways of making women dislike you. Still, the efficient and effective way is to give your lover a whack date. Trust me not, you will be dead on arrival.

She will be there breathing fire and yelling at you. She will be fantastic. To give you a chance to defend yourself. Am sorry if you think so. But to give you silent treatment that surpasses the silence of a graveyard.

The perfect way to avoid this challenge, all you need is to write up a journal. A date journal will help you greatly to plan your day out. You can focus on the time if you are hanging out for a day with your love bird.

Record the time you should go out and the activities you should indulge in your journal. This keeps you organized as it acts like your watchdog. You will know what to do on that date than trying out things in-expediently, which can blow the whole love story.

Keeping your Memories Alive

Leave alone the expensive drinks that you will be sipping besides your baby girl. The delicious food you will be enjoying as you laugh. Nothing beats the memories that are made when you are hanging out. Great memories will be created if the date stands out as perfect.

Besides helping you plan your day trip; you can record any undertakings that amuse you when you are on a date. Imagine you are in the house, on one of these boring Mondays reading activities that you did on a date with your better half five years ago.

Sounds great, right? A date journal keeps the memories alive, something that rekindles your love and makes it stronger.

Can Save your Love or Marriage

Love is a beautiful thing. But love comes with strengths and weaknesses, just like any other thing. A time couples give up on their love amid a storm in their relationships. The best tool that can be used to save a love story or a marriage is a simple memory.

Just recalling the good moments, you spent with your love can rescue your fascination. The memories of how your partner was there for you in need can give you a reason to hold on.

In a therapy session, where a couple wants to divorce, the therapists require the affected duo to show up with their date journal or photo album. This is used to save a marriage by focusing on the good memories the two shared.

A date journal can be a powerful tool in saving your love boat from capsizing. Remember, a storm comes unannounced. Record a simple thing that made you happy on a date. Those little things and little moments aren’t little after all.

Bottom Line

As we all say, prevention is better than cure; a date journal can save you in various ways. The good thing about it, you do not have to be a professional writer to write up a journal. This means you have the freedom to write anything, any time you want. It could be a random thought or a simple thing that made you happy. All you need is a pen and a writing space, and you are set. On my love anniversary, I always read out my previous date journals to Princessa. Guess what? The biggest and cutest smile I have ever seen!

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