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The IT industry has had important growth in recent years, so the need and demand of professionals in this field are growing at a very fast pace. However, the skills that are needed to be developed are many as each specialization has its own unique demands.

This is why it is often difficult for a recruiter to find a person who meets the specific needs that the IT position demands. In view of this result, the first thing we need to evaluate is whether the personnel search process is carried out by someone with experience and expertise in this sector or not. We are the IT professionals – we should know what we want, need and seek exactly to drive the achievement of the objectives.

In a company in this sector or any other in which the IT area is more than essential for its growth, development and bottom line, it is vital to have the certainty that the personnel recruited by the company or by outsourcing truly meet or exceed the precise needs of the position or project.

What Happens if the Company Does Not Have a Specialized IT Recruitment Process?

In this regard, apart from facing the conflicts of poor recruitment, such as monetary losses, time and effort. It includes errors that have to do directly with a degree of responsibility of the person hired. Companies also face the conflict that the staff already hired does not comply with the required practice. Although in the IT industry, the staff is mostly trained by certifications and courses but having them does not ensure that the candidate really has the expertise which is developed by programming and designing real-world software.

Large IT Recruitment companies can have a huge human resources department. However, the degree of specialization that this department sometimes has is not deep enough to search and locate exactly the skills necessary to form an IT team that would respond to the demand of the company. This is not usually a lack of “attention” to this matter, but since HR is in charge they usually handle most of the recruitment. Unfortunately, for IT areas, this is not something that always works.

What is a Specialized IT Recruitment Process?

The true specialty of an IT recruitment Sydney does not mean receiving a CV, knowing the candidates’ certifications or knowing about the required courses, what the companies of the sector or those companies where their center of operation is based. It is of a Recruitment team with the ability to validate the candidate’s knowledge and skills, understand the language in which he speaks and detect through highly incisive questions if the candidate knows, really knows and uses the necessary tools to fill the requested position; It takes people with a deep knowledge of IT.

Given the detail that this implies, sometimes it could be more than cumbersome to carry out an IT personnel selection process exclusively for a particular project or implementation, resulting in some cases more expensive the process of an appropriate selection than the hiring itself, having to implement new processes, which may have to be modified for the next project.

What to Do?

Faced with such challenges of an adequate and above all efficient IT recruitment process, recruitment management, whether for temporary or fixed contracts, is the support of a business partner capable of supporting the demands that this implies. For instance, it may include specialized recruitment, payroll management, clear and personalized attention, handling of different types of contracts, among other things.

Important Aspects to Consider

Certain essential aspects to consider for the process of selection, hiring and administration of IT personnel, either through a supplier or internally in each company, are the following:

  1. Know clearly what is the profile that is really required, what points are a priority and indispensable to cover for the vacancy (for example: what skills or salaries are needed).
  2. Analyze the selection process that will be carried out.
  3. Know if the recruitment staff understands and knows the tools, certifications, and skills that the company requires.
  4. Check with the Human Resources area or with the provider of this service, what selection processes will be applied for the different vacancies, remember that the vacancies are different, as well as the skills you need from the people in each position.
  5. Know what tests or questionnaires will be applied for the election of candidates. To avoid wasting time or money, it must be verified that the candidate effectively knows and manages the requested tools.
  6. If your selection, hiring and administration process is carried out by an outsourcing company, you must know if it meets all legal requirements (look for association member companies that validate this point, such as AMECH).
  7. It is important to know if the HR area or the provider clearly explains to the candidates under which they will be hired (by project, for a fixed or indefinite period, among others).

Why is it So Difficult to Recruit IT Profiles?

Recruiters usually look for IT profiles in all possible media: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, social media groups, paid and free employment portals. They make great efforts in these media, but still do not find their ideal candidate because almost no one applies for the vacancy and those who run many times do not meet the required profile of the position.

It is a problem for technology recruiters since they have to present viable candidates for their vacancies as quickly as possible. If they fail, projects are being delayed and business opportunities for the company are lost. In addition to being evaluated with poor performance.

In order for you to recruit IT profiles effectively it is important that you know the challenges that make it difficult to find this type of profile.

Let’s analyze a little the labor market of the Information Technology industry to know why it is so difficult to recruit technology profiles.

High Demand for IT Profiles and Low Talent

The demand for IT profiles grew 32.7% in 2020 and there are not enough candidates to cover the demand. Unlike other industries where a recruiter can receive hundreds of resumes for an administrative vacancy, the opposite occurs in IT profiles. They receive a couple of resumes that do meet the vacancy requirements.

According to the study on Network Skills, the demand for professionals with information and communication technology skills will exceed the offer and it will take 449 thousand full-time employees in 2020.

There is more offer of IT vacancies than Systems Engineers graduated from universities, so IT recruiters receive fewer and fewer applicants in their technology vacancies.

In addition, many professionals know that they do not need to actively seek work, because with having their curriculum in an employment portal they will receive job offers from IT recruiters.

High Salaries

As a result of a limited supply of IT talent, companies raise salaries and benefits to attract and retain IT profiles. A software professional earns a high salary that not all companies can pay. Small and medium enterprises have to look for other strategies to compete against large corporations that offer high salaries to their technology employees.


Hopefully, with the help of the tips mentioned above, you can learn the basics of IT profile recruitment. Remember that every company has a different policy for recruiting the IT staff so you have to follow the requirements for the company you are in. With the tips mentioned above and the policy of the company, you can hire an amazing IT team that can turn around your company and make it successful.

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