8 Must-Have Features Of Business Security Systems

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There are many ways to configure a business security system, as there are many ways to vandalize it. From a business perspective, a warehouse system will have a different configuration as compared to a store or small shop. The features of a security system will depend on the risks and challenges you are expecting and how much you can afford to deal with it. No matter what business you are in, certain features remain essential for every business security system. If these features are not a part of your system, it is time to overhaul your options. Let us make a checklist of features you need to have and what makes a security system best.


For business security, a burglar alarm system is a top priority. Your business security system should be able to sense when something suspicious is happening and can alert promptly. Some of the most basic sensors available include glass break sensors, motion detectors, door/window contact sensors, or acoustic sensors. Each of these sensors has a different role to perform, and the choice is according to the activity you want to monitor. The central feature of sensors is to alert the authorities quietly or reporting a human operator. You can customize each alarm feature accordingly.


Another important feature of a business security system is an alarm-monitoring feature and acts as an indispensable ally for you. An alarm system is only good when the person responding to monitoring events is present. An alarm monitoring company keeps a close eye on the activity on your behalf, and the response from them is almost immediate. If an alarm triggers or the sensor alerts some unusual activity, operators check for the activity immediately. They can tap into the security camera feeds or take control of alarm features. Whatever the case, alarm monitoring acts as a powerful assistant for your business security system. Ensure your monitoring systems are well maintained and frequently go through CCTV repairs, so that they remain functioning throughout the year.


With the evolving modern technologies and innovations, wireless alarm systems have become a necessary feature of business alarm systems. This feature allows the alarm notification to pass over a WiFi or cell phone network. It acts as a great alternative to the hardwired alarm system. Just like a traditional security system, a call can reach a human operator for immediate response. In case you opt for a wireless system, go for the one that operates on the cellular network to avoid any WiFi downtime.


Access control is also a key feature of a business security system with which you can restrict entry to your premises. This includes card readers, thumb or facial recognition devices, and any other device that can read credentials. The linked security panel present will verify the credentials against the approved list. Access control feature is an essential part of a business security system in the modern era. The kind of access control system used depends on the type of traffic your business receives daily.


A simple way to identify a visitor and to engage with them is the intercom system. You can install it efficiently on key entry places to know who wants an entry through the door. Intercom options come equipped with audio-only or video options for continuous monitoring. Video intercom can provide a more secure facial verification before granting access for entry.


This is an obvious feature to have in a business security system that enables constant monitoring of premises. No security system seems complete without cameras and CCTV options to monitor the vicinity. Whenever an alarm triggers, naturally, you will want to check who triggered it. Hidden cameras also act as crime deterrent devices to prevent any criminal activity from commencing.


In any case, where the business security system fails, a feature called fail-safe has an essential use. A security system can easily equip itself with a fail-safe feature that sets all the exits to open on default. Fail-safe is an option suitable for high traffic business areas. A more advanced and secure option is the fail-secure feature that enables exit but bans entry. Using crash bars, a fail secure option has you covered even in the worst situation.


One of the useful and unique features of a business security system is to operate it remotely. This means you can operate it from anywhere in the world and do not need to be at the location for monitoring physically. Your cell phone can act as a monitoring platform where all the activity is accessible.


Business security systems have some key features that make it different from other security systems. These must-have features determine the reliability of the system in which you are investing and putting your assets at stake. Well, the above mentioned are some of the most common ones present. However, the sophistication of the system guarantees the premises to be more safe and secure.

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