How to Select the Right Cloud-based Learning Management System for Your Needs?

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By Sarah Jay

An organization needs to impart a learning culture in its workforce to adapt to the changing business and technology landscape. It helps employees gain new skills, improve existing capabilities, enhance productivity, and improve job satisfaction. Consistent learning through convenient methods is crucial in this process.

Cloud-based learning systems are thus getting popular as they bring cost-efficiency and convenience together. Here we have discussed tips to select the right cloud-based learning management system for your organization:

Easy to Use

In this digital world, you can see a learning curve for every system. If the learning curve is steep, the user soon loses interest in using the system. Hence, ease of use is an essential factor in a cloud-based learning system.  It should not force employees to download lessons or additional software for participating in learning.

Even employees with no computer or technical background should be able to use LMS efficiently. It should have a user-friendly interface that puts the user in the driver’s seat and controls the learning process. Click here to know more characteristics of easy to use LMS. 

Customized/Personalized Learning

Every department’s goals are different, and employees need to learn skills related to their work and enhance their productivity. The LMS you choose should allow customized learning by enabling administrators to create customized learning journeys for their department staff. The LMS should allow the organization to meet department objectives along with the company’s wider goals.

The cloud-based LMS should have machine learning technology to record user preferences and interests. The system should allow users to bookmark modules for later study and share interesting modules with their peers. Click here to know how machine learning can improve the cloud-based LMS experience.

Compliance Management

Every organization has to meet compliance requirements set by the government for their industry. Violation of rules leads to hefty fines and lawsuits that also tarnish the company’s image. Most employees think compliance training is boring. Traditional training methods bombard employees with a large amount of information, which is hard to retain.

The cloud-based LMS must focus on compliance management training. The system should ensure every employee in the organization completes the mandatory compliance course and completes the tasks assigned. It should allow employees to see which tasks they are expected to complete and by when.

Customized Training Schedules

The cloud-based LMS you choose should allow building customized learning schedules as per the needs of the workforce.  The system should allow administrators to deliver training to suit the team’s schedule.

The course builder should allow the administrator to select topics and push them through online feeds and learning campaigns. The system should also send automated reminders and notifications to the employees to ensure they do not miss lessons/training.

Reduce Training Costs

The LMS system you choose should reduce your training costs while increasing the workforce’s efficiency and productivity. The system should support different platforms like a computer, tablet, and mobile devices and allow employees to participate in training or access lessons from any place and any time.

The anytime and anywhere access will eliminate the need to organize training sessions at the workplace that increases training costs.

To sum up, these are some of the features you need to look for when choosing a cloud-based learning management system for your organization.

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