How to properly install a telescopic slide?

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Installing a telescopic ball bearing slide is within reach of any do-it-yourselfer with the necessary equipment. But for the novice, there are some steps to follow. How do I install it properly?

What is a telescopic slide?

telescopic slide is a system that allows a linear and fluid guidance of the drawer. It consists of a small fixed frame and a ball-bearing system. There are two types of slides: the horizontal telescopic slide which is generally similar to the heavy-duty telescopic slide or the industrial slide. They come in various lengths and materials depending on their use. For domestic use, lightweight materials such as aluminum or stainless steel slides are preferred. For heavy-duty telescopic slides, cold-drawn and hardened steel is preferred. It can range from the length of a simple drawer to the long length telescopic slide which is generally used in the industrial or commercial field. However, a 2m slide can be used for a dressing room or a wardrobe.

How to install it?

The installation of a telescopic slide requires some notions to be taken into account such as the lateral space, the art of the assembly itself, and the verification of the assembled device.

Lateral space

The side space is the area between the cabinet and the drawer. It should be checked before installation. The first step is to measure the thickness of the ball bearing slide. It is vital that the space is wide enough to allow the slide to move freely, whether it is a vertical telescoping slide or a flat telescoping slide. Note that the slide does not compensate for large gaps between the cabinet and the drawer. If the gap is too wide, it will prevent the slide from operating normally.

The side space should be larger than the thickness of the slide. To be safe, it is best to allow 0.2 mm to 0.5 mm. This formula does not always work. It can change depending on the use. Indeed, the lateral space is not calculated in the same way for an industrial telescopic slide and for an industrial drawer slide. Please refer to the instructions for more information.

The assembly

For optimal use, it is important that the telescopic ball-bearing slides are parallel. Above all, it is the cabinet that must be parallel. Installation can be particularly difficult if the back of the cabinet is already closed and you have to work from the inside, especially if you are using a long telescopic slide. However, it is possible to avoid this inconvenience by drilling before assembling the furniture. There are also models of telescopic drawer slides and heavy-duty flat slides with disconnection available from some manufacturers. With these models, it is possible to detach the moving strand from the slide, an option that greatly facilitates installation.

Installation depends on the application and the type of slide selected. The flat-mounted telescopic slide is suitable for heavy loads while the vertical installation is done for the drawer slide.


Once the installation of the slide is complete, check that it is working properly by closing and opening it several times. In case of malfunction, check the lateral space or the adjustment of the drawer. Any obstruction in the raceway may interfere with proper operation. Check for manufacturing defects.

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