Everything To Know About Pear-Shaped Engagement Rings

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Are you looking for the perfect ring to commemorate the joy of finding true love? There’s no better way to celebrate a union than getting your significant other a pear halo engagement ring. It is one of the most elegant and popular ring styles on the market, and if you want to seal the deal, this is the way to go. 

What Are Pear-Shaped Rings?

A pear halo engagement ring is an exclusive ring with tear-dropped-shaped gems in the centre. These gemstones or diamonds have an elongated shape that is achieved using marquise and oval cuts. This stunning design imparts a timeless look and is perfect if you’re looking for an engagement ring with the perfect sparkle and glamour. Moreover, their shape and setting style gives your hand, particularly your fingers, a flattering look making it ideal for daily use. 

Why Should You Opt For A Pear-Shaped Engagement Ring?

The central gems’ elongated tear-drop or pear shape draws more attention while remaining classy and sophisticated. They are stunning engagement rings that mimic the look of a larger diamond at the cost of a smaller one. Since these rings offer better value and sport a larger visible surface, they seem much more lavish than they are. 

Their unique cut makes them incredibly fragile for the perfect hint of delicacy and elegance. The pointy tip and tapering shape are ideal if you’ve got short and stubby fingers since they can make them seem longer. They are generally available in a bezel or a simple prong setting to ensure their shape is well-protected against external damage. 

Moreover, these engagement rings are customizable and can be worn differently. Whether it’s the classic north-south style with the diamond tip facing the tip of your finger or reversed or an east-west style with the tapered end along the width of your finger, they offer diverse styling options. Alternatively, if you’re going for a trendy look, you can choose to set the diamond or gemstone in an off-kilter manner, thus making it look edgy and chic at the same time. 

How To Pick The Perfect Pear Halo Engagement Ring?

One of the first things to look for is the 4Cs of a diamond. It refers to the diamond’s cut, clarity, colour, and carat, which are crucial in determining the overall quality and value. While you can opt for any colour, it is best to pick one colourless instead of a slightly coloured one since it has a higher visual appeal. 

In a pear-shaped ring, the cut is one element that determines the look of the stone and the ring itself. Since it’s a combination of an oval cut and a marquise cut, the ratio of the two will change the final look. For instance, if it’s too rounded, there is a greater chance of a bow tie or a darker spot in the centre of the diamond due to loss of light. The diamond must be cut with ideal symmetry and have a minimal bow tie for the perfect look. If the marquise cut is too sharp, it can make the ring more vulnerable to damage. Thus, it’s best to try the ring and see which style or cut suits your fingers the best. 

Finally, you must pay attention to the metal band used. If you opt for a colourless diamond, a metal such as yellow gold can make the diamond look tinted and reduce its overall value. On the other hand, for a tinted diamond, you must work with the colours present and find the metal that best compliments the stone. If you’re confused, you can always go with silver, platinum, or rose gold since they are safe options. 

Final Words

Pear drop rings are perfect if you’re looking to create the illusion of perfectly symmetrical fingers. Since the ring’s design is inherently asymmetrical, with a pointy, tapered tip and a rounder oval base, they are ideal if you want to add structure and charm to your fingers.

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