How To Make Your Exhibition Design Standout

First impressions always do the trick if you want your brand to convey appeal. Of course, staying true to your business identity is crucial, and you must be consistent with what you first showed them.

When people see your company for the first time, your brand needs to be memorable. A unique brand identity matters. A good design impacts consumer interest. It also gives them an idea of the kind of experience they get when availing of your products and services.

If executed properly, there’s a possibility to attract a large number of new members and even convert some warm leads into paying customers. Avoiding unnecessary mistakes can help you save time and costs. To do that, you can negotiate with exhibit designers like Tecna UK.

Here is a checklist of things to think about in advance to plan your exhibition space effectively.

The Drama Of Lighting

Lighting on any set, even in the theater, can evoke feelings in the viewer. How design can achieve this goal is so widely known that it has been discussed in the psychological literature.

Just as flowers in the wild respond to the presence of sunlight, so do people. The exposure to light sets off an internal alarm system of needs. Your company’s mission is to catch those needs and show how your products or services can fill those.

Here are some lighting tips from the experts:

  • Use colored spotlights to highlight a bestseller. Incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen are spotlight types.
  • Strobe and gobo lights help create visual effects. You can project your company’s name, logo, or slogan on the floor or wall.
  • Hanging lights illuminate your booth and attract passersby.
  • Accent lighting gives graphics texture.
  • Ambient lighting enhances displays. Lamps can help set a mood or ambiance.

The Persuasion of Colors

Just like lighting, color is another factor of design that invigorates people. You can use your business’s color scheme or add more if professionals recommend it.

A single, overarching message can help your display flow. Many entrepreneurs feel pressured to boast every benefit of their products, which can overwhelm customers.

You can highlight only your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Know and stand with your competitive edge.

The Temptation of Interactive Samples

Offering customers a taste of what your company has to offer is one of the most potent triggers of interest and curiosity of the people. A trial experience of what you are marketing can hook them into the goodness of your business.

As an exhibitor, it’s your job to make a trade show display that makes your booth pop out from the rest. The more people who stop to watch your demo, the more likely it is that interested prospects will become leads.

Remember that exhibits are less attractive when they only tell and don’t show anything. People want to be involved, and they want to talk to you and learn about your product.

You can do this by setting up creative visual props with large-scale views or meaningful product tests that are always fun.

Stimulation Can Lead To a Climax

Always remember that failing to earn the trust of your customers will result in lost sales. They will be able to put their faith in you once they better understand who you are.

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