Heated Tobacco Alternatives: The Latest Trends

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If you are looking for healthier and safer alternatives to smoking tobacco cigarettes, you will be pleased to know that there are alternatives. The latest trend in smoking is to move away from actual smoke and actual tobacco and move toward a cleaner alternative. First, we will discuss the dangers of smoking tobacco cigarettes, particularly for your lungs and the health of those around you. Then, we will provide a safer and more responsible alternative: the NEAFS heated sticks. These products are designed to be better for your well-being than cigarettes. We will explain their use below. Let’s dive in.

Why is Smoking Cigarettes Bad For Your Health?

Tobacco is associated with a lot of serious health conditions. In fact, smoking cigarettes has been found to damage nearly every organ in the body. It is one of the leading causes of early disease and death in developed countries. Smoking tobacco can lead to blood clots, infertility, heart disease, stroke weakened immune system, erectile dysfunction, diabetes, COPD or lung cancer, other types of cancer, gum disease, reduced bone density, vision problems, and yellowing or prematurely aging skin.

This is not a short list of health problems!

What’s more, the people living around you can be subjected to second-hand smoke. Inhaling someone else’s cigarette smoke can lead to all of these same problems. This is unfair, as the person (who is probably a loved one) who is sharing your space has not chosen to smoke, but still has to face the consequences of your dangerous habit.

The combustion of the tobacco creates small burning embers, some of which are inhaled into the lungs via the throat. This can cause internal damage, soar throats, and breathing problems. Alternatives to smoking do not use burning methods, which is a huge advantage.

Other Negative Effects of Smoking Tobacco

As well as your physical health, smoking cigarettes can have a very negative impact on your financial health. Cigarettes are not cheap and people often increase the amount they smoke as their habit develops. Luckily, alternatives to smoking tend to be much more economical.

Moreover, your social life can take a hit if your breath, clothes, or hair smell bad or your home smells like old smoke. People might decide they do not want to come around and breathe in your second-hand smoke. Smoking inside can also stain your walls, thus ruining the aesthetic of your home.

Moreover, having stained teeth and fingers will not help you romantically, and perhaps not professionally either. There are many reasons why you should think about giving up on tobacco smoke and finding a healthier and cleaner alternative.

Like Tobacco, but Without the Burn

So, if you are looking for a new way to smoke without facing the above-listed health, social and financial complications, you should try out a safer and cleaner alternative product.

These products do not actually contain tobacco. Instead, NEAFS heat sticks contain a special blend of tea leaves that are gently steeped in nicotine. These products come in a range of flavors, including “original”, the sweet and slightly sour flavor with floral undertones. You can also try blueberry, coffee, menthol, mojito, and strawberry flavors.

You can buy these heated sticks on Amazon or in a WH Smith. Their main selling point is that they do not produce the toxins that are released when you burn a tobacco cigarette, but they still provide the nicotine hit and a comforting feeling as you inhale deeply. Enjoy the comfort of smoking with no smoke, no tar, no ash, and no bad odor. 

You can also buy NEAFS heated sticks without nicotine if you just want to enjoy the flavors and the relaxing effects of breathing slowly and deeply but without the addictive substance. These products use an electronic heat-control system that prevents burning, so they are super safe and non-toxic. What more could you want?

This has been a quick look at alternatives for smoking cigarettes and inhaling tobacco smoke. As we have discussed, smoking cigarettes has negative impacts on your physical health, as well as your social life, home environment, financial position, and the health of those around you. So, instead of keeping up this unhealthy, smelly, and dangerous habit, why not switch to a tobacco-free, tar-free, ash-free, and smell-free alternative? Try out the NEAFS heated tobacco alternative sticks today in the flavor of your choice. They do not contain tobacco and they can come with or without nicotine to suit your preferences. This is the sensible choice.

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