How Not to Be Deceived by Ghost Writer Online?

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The rise of the gig economy has opened numerous opportunities for those who are courageous enough to partake of it. Moreover, with increased access to the internet, borders sublime and outsourcing becomes the norm.

You no longer have to hold in-person meetings to discuss an opportunity to collaborate with an individual. You can hire a ghost writer online and get a project done, without ever meeting with the service provider.

However, with the ease of hiring talent online; it comes with the challenge of knowing how to weed the good from the not worth the investment. Here’s what you need to do or look for when considering getting ghostwriting services.

Qualities of a Great Ghost writer

  • Professional
    Well, you don’t want to put your money on someone who doesn’t understand what you need and can’t deliver. Preferably, go with someone who has experience.
    It may require you to ask for samples of their past projects. Also, get someone who has a contract. That way, all that you have agreed on will be binding.
  • Effective communicator- 

    It affects your relationship, too. You may need to do some revisions on the material, add or subtract some content, also. Therefore, it would help if you choose someone you can get in touch with during the duration of the project.
    Also, you should ensure that you connect on your communication styles. As you need the output to sound like you.

  • Enthusiastic 

    The ghostwriter definition is a professional who writes content for another and allows them to take credit for it. Enthusiasm is essential for the completion of the project.To ensure the commitment of the ghostwriter to your project, they should have the same enthusiasm on it, as you do, (if not more).

    Every time I have to deliver a piece that is interesting to me, I always find myself excited from start to finish the task. No matter how challenging it may be, and these are the victories that make me relish what I do.

  • Great References 

    Look for and ask for references from the writer. They should come from past clients. Doing this will enable you to get a grasp on the writer’s communication, time management skills, and professionalism.Search for comments on their customer satisfaction levels, and dedication, too. You want to work with an individual who will strive to meet or exceed your expectations on the project.


Not all rest with the Ghostwriter; Your Role

The success of the project depends on the type of relationship you have with the ghostwriter. Here are some responsibilities you will take, to make this collaboration work:

  • Clarify what you want from the onset. It includes developing content for the project. Maybe you will provide the writer with all the resources to craft the story. Alternatively, you would like them to offer feedback on your ideas. Make this clear from the start.
  • Assess the skill level of potential writers: The project goals will guide you in finding the right fit for the material. It could be one’s problem-solving ability or the need for someone who will capture your authentic voice.


When should you consider hiring a ghostwriter?

Some people have great ideas and can succinctly convey them in writing. Others have one of the two. Either way, a ghostwriter helps you save time in creating a written version of your ideas.

Remember this: an ideal ghost writer is one who can share your message correctly and with the added touch of capturing your voice.


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