Hassle-free pet relocation guide – import & export pets smoothly

It is usual for families to move along with their pets whether they are relocating or going on a holiday. Pet owners consider pets as family members and would like to ensure that they enjoy the journey in the same way as others.   For Pet Relocation Singapore, you must hire the services of a professional pet relocation company with a proven track record in moving pets in and out of the country. The pet relocation company is ready to handle the assignment on a turnkey basis, meaning that they would handle all documentation and legal compliances necessary for transporting the pet right from departure to arrival at the destination, including handing over the pet to the owner.

Choose a pet relocation company first

First, choose a pet relocation company that can educate you about the requirements of pet transportation. The company will briefly explain the procedure, handle the paperwork related to it, and make your pet ready for travel. It will help you figure out the timelines for the preparatory work that includes vaccination of your pet and obtain a health certificate from a vet declaring the pet’s fitness, which makes it eligible for travel. The interaction with the pet relocation company will help to understand your role and the steps involved in the travel so that you stay mentally prepared.

Plan your trip by talking to the pet relocation company

Sharing the details of your proposed travel date with the pet relocation company will help them arrange the logistics involved in pet travel and prepare a timeline for the preparation of the pet for the travel. By factoring in the time required for the preparatory work after complying with the legal requirements in both the exporting and importing country, it will be easy for you to finalize the travel date.

Share all information about your pet

Share the details about your pet with the pet relocation company, like the type of pet, its size, temperament, and behavior, whether it received obedience training, what it loves to eat and play with, etc. Since each pet is unique, the information will help the pet relocation company devise the right strategies in handling the pet so that it feels comfortable in the company of strangers. In addition, share the health report of the pet with the vaccination record and the pet license (if applicable). The information will be helpful for the pet handling company to arrange for comfortable travel of your pet. If your pet loves to sleep on some special bed, tell about it too to add to the comfort during the journey.

Arrange for a cage or kennel

Depending on the airline’s requirements, the pet relocation company will ask you to arrange for a suitable cage or kennel for your dog. Buy one that is best for your pet and hand it over to the company when they take custody of your pet in preparation for the travel.

Te pet relocation company will apprise you of the formalities and timelines so that you can estimate the time it would take for the pet to reunite with you.

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