Simple tips on how to get your ex-girlfriend back

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Breakups happen all the time and some can be fixed while some will remain that way forever. They may happen because partners in a relationship have differences in ideas and things about life, or one partner simply loses interest in the other. Just about anything can cause a breakup.

After a breakup, it is possible for one or both partners to want the other back. In these cases, a partner is convinced that their relationship can be salvaged and tries to do so.

Most times, they end up killing all hopes of saving the relationship because they attempt this rescue mission without a strategy. To get relationship advice, consider seeing relationship coaches or alternatively, visit Get Ex Back For Good or similar sites.

Do you feel like there’s hope for you and your ex? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This article is for guys just like you who want to win back their ex and continue their romantic journey.

Guys who break up with their girlfriends can easily get back together with them by giving the “I didn’t know what came over me excuse”. However, it’s war for those who were broken up with. With this difference established, we’ll go ahead and discuss five steps guys in the more difficult state can take to try and win back their ex.

Figure out why she broke up with you

Your girlfriend didn’t just wake up one day and decide to end it with you, it doesn’t work that way. She must have noticed something or a few things that made her no longer attracted to you. Girls’ breakup with guys immediately they lose interest in them, especially if there are other guys that have caught her attention.

Guys who get dumped complain that their girlfriend was no longer attracted to them. This is the most common case and there are a few reasons why your ex lost interest in you. They are:

  • You were being super nice all the time
  • You did everything she asked you to do even when you weren’t comfortable doing them
  • You bombarded her with compliments all the time, everyday
  • She knew that your life revolved around her

You may find it hard to believe but girls don’t want a guy that is always available and meets their every demand. To retain her interest in you, you should make her know that without or without her, your life goes on.

Reconnect with friends and family

We are social animals who depend on one another to survive. After a breakup, you’ll need to heal and the best way to do that is by spending quality time with friends and family. Brooding over the split will only make it more painful and hard on you. Click here to learn more about humans as social animals.

Work on that idea or skill you have

In relationships, we make sacrifices in order to make them work. These sacrifices often include putting aside a business idea or skill you planned to develop before getting into a relationship.

Pending when you get back with your girlfriend, you should have a go at it and see what comes of it. If it doesn’t work out as you’d hoped, at least it is off your chest. Conversely, if it does pan out, you’ve succeeded in raising your value and probably open a new stream of income. Girls generally find this attractive and your ex is no exception.

Use social media to rekindle the lost spark

Now that you have a lot going on for you, why not indirectly share the fond memories you’re having with your ex. Social media can be a very effective tool in rekindling the spark your girlfriend once had with you.

This works because most partners who decide to break up, find various means of making peace with it. Occasionally checking up on their ex is one way they do that.

They go there to see if you’ve moved on or yet to get over them. They ache to get back with you if they find that you’re having a good time without them. This step is often misused by a lot of people so take caution that you only post what is true.

Man up and ask her out again

After you’ve carried out the first four steps and have properly processed the reason your ex broke up with you, be a man and ask her out again. This may be the hardest of all the five steps but it will determine if you get your girl back or not.

Having spent quality time apart from her coupled with the many new experiences you’ve had; she’ll see you as a completely different person, a better version of the guy she broke up with. She wouldn’t stand a chance.

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