How Should Governments Be Responding To Coronavirus?

The Coronavirus, whose apparel name is COVID-19, has been declared a World Epidemic by the World Health Organization. The death toll from the new deadly coronavirus worldwide has exceeded 339,182 and so far 14,703 people have died. Such information comes from the latest news.

The disease was first identified in Wuhan, China, caused by the novel coronavirus. Since then, the disease was named Coronavirus Disease 2019 or COVID-19. It is abbreviated with ‘Co’ from Corona, ‘V’ from virus, and ‘D’ from ‘disease’. Previously, the disease was called ‘2019 Novel Coronavirus’ or ‘2019-NCOV’.

No drugs or vaccines have been discovered so far in this virus. So awareness is one of the ways to prevent this disease. The virus can spread to other people’s bodies even from one human body. At first, it was thought that the virus was spreading from seafood. Chinese Ministry of Health says the virus can spread from one human body to another.

What is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is an infectious virus that has never spread to humans before. Coronavirus is a virus that attacks the lungs first, like the common flu or cold. This virus causes respiratory problems. Gradually, it has a serious form that can lead to death.

Symptoms of Coronavirus:

There are some early signs of coronavirus. However, these symptoms are very common. Cold cough, headache, runny nose, sore throat, shortness of breath and fever. On average, it takes five days for the symptoms to manifest. The World Health Organization says the incubation period of the virus lasts up to 14 days. According to some researchers, it can last up to 24 days. It is also believed that humans can transmit the virus to healthy people even when they are not sick.

How To Spread Coronavirus?

  • The virus spreads from one person to another.
  • Physical intimacy can spread the disease even from debauchery.
  • The disease can spread if the patient does not wash his hands well, eyes, mouth, and nose after catching things.
  • It can also spread from cough and cough.

How to Avoid This Disease?

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or use alcoholic hand-wash products.
  • When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with elbows or tissues. Immediately remove the used tissue to the specified location.
  • Avoid contact with someone who is cold or has symptoms of fever.
  • If you or your child has a fever, cough or shortness of breath, seek immediate medical attention.
  • After coming from the patient should wash hands thoroughly.

 Responding To Coronavirus

Responding Of The Indian Governments To Coronavirus Pandemic:

Coronavirus has become epidemic day by day. The deadly virus has spread to 192 countries and regions. To avoid its transmission, the whole of India celebrated Janata Curfew from 7 am to 9 pm on Sunday 22 March 2020. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi wanted the countrymen to fight against Corona. Last Thursday, Modi appealed to the people to voluntarily close the house to avoid the virus. It was said that the curfew was called for the benefit of the people to create social distance.

According to many people, India like the country of Singapore has been successful in following the lockdown. India will have to walk through a series of lockdowns for several consecutive days if needed. Though 418 people have been confirmed to be infected with the coronavirus and Maharashtra has reported the highest number of infections in India and seven people have died due to Coronavirus in India. So far, 89 cases have been reported in Maharashtra.

The Railway Ministry has ordered the postponement of all passenger trains except freight trains to control this disease. All metro services and interstate bus services have also been banned. Instructions have been given to lockdown 75 districts across the country by 31 March where positive cases of coronavirus infection have been reported. The central and state governments have taken some special steps to prevent infection due to the increasing number of infected people.

Few Steps To Reduce Coronavirus Taken By Different State Governments In India:

1. West Bengal Government:

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee announced the closure of all public and private schools, colleges and madrasas in the state very soon to stop this life taking Coronavirus.

  • Instructions for lockdown in 23 districts including West Bengal’s capital Kolkata from 5 pm on 23 March to 12 noon on 31 March.
  • Only essential services will be operational.
  • Ration, vegetable and medicine shops will remain open.
  • All schools, colleges, universities will remain closed till 15 April.
  • Board examinations will be held.

2. Bihar Government:

The first case of death due to coronavirus infection in Bihar has surfaced on Sunday. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has given some instructions to stop the virus from spreading.

  • Interstate transport will be completely banned.
  • Air service is also being banned.
  • Lockdown will be implemented in district headquarters, Nagar panchayats and block headquarters.
  • The families of the deceased will be given assistance from the Chief Minister Relief Fund.
  • The cleanliness of buses is being done.
  • Work will be done for the most important cases in Patna High Court.
  • Educational institutions were closed in most places.
  • All theaters and public parks were closed by 31 March.

3. Delhi Government:

Delhi’s Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal and Chief Minister A.Kejriwal have made some important announcements on Sunday 22 March.

  • National Capital Territory of Delhi will be fully implemented from six am on March 23 to midnight of 31 March.
  • The movement of trains, airports, private buses, vehicles, etc. will also be closed.
  • 25% of DTC buses will run.
  • All construction work will be closed.
  • All markets, shops, industries except essential commodities closed.
  • Section 144 will continue to be applicable.
  • The government will give 7.5 kg ration free to 72 lakh people of Delhi.
  • Four to five thousand rupees will give pension to 8.5 lakh people.
  • Delhi government has started a system of free food in night shelters. Any person can go and eat food here.
  • The Delhi government has also appealed to the people to give paid leave to those who do it in their homes.
  • Such houses are being marked where any person living has been asked to quarantine.
  • The salary of an employee cannot be deducted during the lockdown.
  • The Delhi government had already decided to give full wages during the bandh to those working in contracts and the daily wages of their departments.
  • In the new order, employees of private institutions have also been asked to stay at home and pay them a salary during this period.
  • All schools have been closed until 31 March.
  • All religious, social, cultural and political meetings are banned.
  • The gathering of more than 50 people has been banned in one place.
  • Jamia and JNU have ordered the students to go home.
  • IIT Delhi has ordered the cancellation of all classes.

4. Maharashtra Government:

The Uddhav Thackeray government in Maharashtra has taken steps like closing theaters, gyms, and parks.

  • State Complete Lockdown Instructions
  • Trains, private buses, and ST buses will remain closed.
  • City buses will run only for employees and workers working in the required areas.
  • Food, Vegetables. Shops of medicines and essential goods will remain open.
  • Banks and other financial institutions will remain open.
  • Only five percent of the employees will remain in government offices.
  • The number of centers for testing and treatment of coronavirus is being increased.
  • Along with Mumbai, Pune Pimpri Chinchwad, Nagpur, Section 144 will be applicable in all urban areas of Maharashtra.
  • The Maharashtra government has postponed the examinations up to the ninth standard.
  • Tenth and twelfth examinations will continue.
  • All parks and gardens in Nagpur will be closed till March 31
  • All the Tiger Reserve, Sanctuary and National Parks have been ordered closed till 31 March.
  • IIT Bombay has instructed its students to clear the campus at Powai by the 20th.
  • The government has closed each shopping mall till 31 March.

5. Government of Uttar Pradesh:

  • The Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh has taken these steps to prevent more people from gathering in one place.
  • Janata curfew will continue and under this, there will be complete lockdown in 15 districts in the first phase.
  • These 15 districts will be patrolling during the lockdown.
  • There will be no activity of any kind in these districts and it will continue from 23rd to 25th.
  • The 15 districts to be locked in the first phase.
  • To help the public, around 3000 four-wheelers of the UP Police’s PRV 112, 1500 two-wheeler security, as well as the necessary materials, will be provided to help the public.
  • The state government is going to arrange free treatment for those who get corona infection
  • There are 2200 ambulances of 108, 2270 ambulances of 102 are ready for health facilities.
  • Advanced Life Support Ambulance 250. It will also be deployed to provide emergency health facilities within the entire state.
  • The state government has already announced the relief package for street vendors, street vendors, MNREGA workers, Antyodaya cardholders, etc.
  • Every village panchayat, school, hospital and outside every religious place has made huge hoardings, posters, etc. so that people should watch them all carefully and take precautions to prevent coronavirus.
  • All theaters and multiplexes have been given notice of closure till further orders.
  • All tourist places and museums have been ordered to be closed until 31 March.
  • Tehsil Day, Samadhan Divas and Janata Darshan have also been ordered to stop till April 2.
  • All educational institutions have been ordered to remain closed till 2 April.
  • The employees have been instructed to work from home as much as possible.
  • A fixed amount will be sent to the daily wage laborers through RTGS so that the families of the laborers can be maintained.
  • People will be made aware of the corona through the helpline number 18001805145.
  • Officers of Gram Panchayats and Municipal Development Corporations have been instructed to ensure cleanliness.
  • Government employees will get an exemption from biometric attendance.
  • The cost of the treatment of coronavirus will be borne by the UP government.
  • Arrangements will be made to send children from class one to eight to the next class without examination.
  • In Noida and Greater Noida, swimming pools, public programs, religious and political meetings have been banned till 15 April.

6. Chhattisgarh Government:

  • The lockdown in the town areas of Chhattisgarh will continue till March 31.
  • During this time all institutions, offices, transport services, and other actions will be blocked.
  • Most necessary services such as vegetables, medical shops, general stores, milk, and petrol pumps will stay unlocked.
  • Electricity and water supply, household gas supplying service, municipal cleaning, and garbage disposal services and commercial transport services of an important merchandise will also carry on to purpose as flawlessly as before.

7. Karnataka Government:

  • The Karnataka cabinet has decided that the movement of people who have been advised to do home quarantine will be tracked through their phones.
  • The cabinet has extended the ban on places like shopping malls and bars in the state for 10 days.
  • The cabinet has also given a support amount of 200 crores to deal with Covid-19.

8. Madhya Pradesh Government:

Acting Chief Minister Kamal Nath has given instructions for lockdown in several cities in view of the effect of Coronavirus.

  • Cities are being shut down to prevent the coronavirus.
  • Instructions for giving free ration to poor families from the fair price shops in Bhopal and Jabalpur districts this month.
  • The assembly was adjourned till 26 March.
  • The entry of common people has been forbidden in Mahakaleshwar of Ujjain.

9. Government of Tamil Nadu:

The Tamil Nadu government has taken these rules to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

  • All schools, colleges, amusement parks, theaters, swimming pools, and government buses have been banned till March 31.
  • Tenth and twelfth examinations will continue.
  • The borders with Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Kerala have been sealed.
  • People have been urged to avoid going to crowded areas.
  • People have been requested to avoid going to religious places.
  • Public meetings, conferences and all kinds of water are banned.

10. Odisha Government:

Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has ordered a seven-day lockdown in the state to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.

  • The government extended the deadline for the closure of all schools from 31 March to 15 April.
  • Tourist places like Puri Beach, Sun Temple in Konark, Chilka Lake, Chandrabhaga Beach are banned from visiting tourists.
  • Semester examinations have been postponed in universities including class 1 to class 9.
  • For non-compliance of orders, punitive action has been ordered under IPC.

11. Rajasthan Government:

The High Court in Rajasthan has postponed the local body elections in Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Kota for six weeks.

  • Lockdown instructions by March 31 in the state.
  • There will be a complete lockdown from 22 March to 31 March, except for essential services across the state.
  • The pensioners do not have to face financial trouble, so the distribution of social security pension to the beneficiaries will be done by the first week of April.
  • Instructions to provide wheat-free till the month of May to more than one crore families get one rupee, two rupees per wheat.
  • Package of necessary food items will be provided free of cost from April 1 to two months to needy families. These packets will be made available in collaboration with the district administration, municipalities.
  • Apart from essential services, state and private offices, shops, malls, factories, and community transport will be blocked.
  • All schools, coaching institutions, cinema halls, theaters have been ordered to remain closed till March 30.

12. Kerala Government:

  • Schools, colleges and theaters have been closed till 31 March.
  • CBSE and ICSE board schools from class one to seventh have been closed.
  • Class X and XII examinations will continue.
  • The remaining exams of eighth and ninth will be conducted.


Standing at this time we haven’t any other options to rescue from this epidemic disease as we haven’t any antidotes of Coronavirus. We only can reduce this staying at our own home, keep distance with people and following the rules provided by the Government. Let’s come to pray for healing our world from this epidemic.

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