Ways To Become A Display And Exhibition Specialist

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Events have always been a problem to handle but now there are people called ‘event managers’ who can make sure you have the most memorable event. Are you lost with the career choices? If you are good at organizing and love to attend events, you may have your career path right in front of you. Event management is a hectic yet fun career to have. Every event brings something challenging for you, and your creativity is tested every minute.

Events aren’t just wedding ceremonies or birthday parties. Exhibitions, displays, workshops, etc. are all different types of events where event management must be unique and perfect. That is why event management has become a popular certification.

If you are planning to be an event planner and loud noises aren’t your choice, exhibit and display might work. It gives you peace of mind and you do not have to choose the most common career paths either. Here is what you can do to be a display and exhibit specialist.


This is important for your career. Believe it or not, but a degree or certificate is mandatory for starting your career. If you have made up your mind to be a manager for exhibit displays, then so be it. Find institutes that are offering a bachelor’s program or certification in exhibit display management. Getting knowledge and learning to be a professional event manager is a bonus point for starting your career. You open the doors to many opportunities and availing them becomes convenient as well.


Volunteering is not always for a social cause. There are several events being hosted every now and then. Keep yourself updated about these events, and don’t give up any chance of volunteering. These volunteering opportunities are not always available so, don’t lose any. Volunteering events will add value to your resume. By volunteering, it doesn’t refer to just the high school or college events, but any events like an art exhibition or an exhibit display at the museum.


Once you have done some volunteer work, it is time to move a step ahead. You can work as an intern at an event management firm. Internship programs don’t last longer than a few weeks so, you can do a number of internship programs until you feel confident about working as an employee. If not an employee, you can gain some experience in the corporate section and start your own event management business.

Volunteering and internship programs will give you experience and add value to your resume.


Event management requires a massive network. Your public repute must be sound to excel in this field. Being a display and exhibit specialist requires good communication skills, strong public relations, and effective customer handling skills. Why is networking so important in this field? Well, the more networks you have, the easier it is to get more events to manage. It is tricky to find clients and more events to manage; therefore, a good network matters a lot.


Once you have started a degree or you are pursuing this as a career, a portfolio is mandatory. Your portfolio summarizes your efforts and the events you have participated in. The pictures, the event details, and the experience you had, etc. Just like your social media profile, your professional life must have a profile too. For an event manager, it is important to collect all the valuables as proof of your hard work.


Now, you have a degree, experience, and the perfect portfolio. All you have to do is gather information about the event management firms, especially the firms that deal with exhibits and displays. You can also apply to museums as an event representative. Make a list of these firms where you wish to get a job. Send your resume everywhere, and you will have responses sooner or later.

Start working and get your hands on the different experiences of life. Experiences can help you significantly excel in the field. The more experienced you are, the more opportunities you have, and the more you can excel.


Event management is not an easy job but it is fun to give your innovation some space. Certifications and bachelor degrees have been introduced, and you can easily become a display and exhibition specialist. Just like any other field, this can be your future.

If you follow the above-stated steps, becoming one of these specialists would not be a tricky job for you. Also, you can start your own small business for managing relevant events. There are several career choices, and you don’t have to choose the traditional ones.

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