How Good Is Your Website’s SEO Performance?

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You have a business website that sells products or services to customers. Then, how is your site’s SEO performance? Is it driving traffic? Are visitors staying on your website? Are there any traffic fluctuations? You should ask these questions before implementing an optimization strategy for your business.

Now, many site owners commit mistakes when planning their SEO strategies. According to an article published on entrepreneur, many small-business entrepreneurs use keywords in their site without mastering the search terms or keywords. They need to learn how to use the keyword tools or hire an expert to do the job. Besides, it is essential to interpret your site’s data to figure out your site’s performance. Fret not. Here are a few ways to determine your website’s SEO performance:

Check for algorithm updates

If you see a radical drop in your site’s traffic one fine day, do not panic. Instead, check for the algorithm updates of a particular search engine. If there has been an update, the results may not be in your site’s favor. Many times, Google penalizes sites for the links that point to your site. Again, your competitors have a better ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Compare your ranks to that of your competitor sites. Your site may be penalized for not following Google’s SEO guidelines. Look at the webmaster tools for notices or warnings. Have you blocked Google’s crawlers by mistake? If yes, make amends. You can study sites such as Tayloright and check its website performance using the right analytical tools.

Look for fluctuations

Did you know that all the SEO metrics vary at some point in time? You will notice natural variations in some of the indexed pages, keyword positions, and inbound links. There is no need to worry about it because Google or other search engines rescan web pages, remove or add pages, change algorithms, and update their indexes. If the fluctuations are trivial, fret not. However, if the negative activities continue and the fluctuations follow by drops in traffic to the site, take steps to improve your site’s performance. Consult with a professional SEO expert to do the job.

Look out for positive trends

You will succeed in your SEO plans when positive trends outdo the negative ones. It means that your site’s position in the SERPs and traffic increases in due course of time. Check whether your website is attracting quality traffic or not. Now, SEO is a slow process. It does not improve overnight, especially organic search. When Google rolled outs its Panda update, many site owners realized their mistakes when the algorithm update severely penalized many businesses.

Avoid black hat SEO to gain higher rankings overnight. Google is smart enough to detect such illegal practices and push down your site in the SERPs. Therefore, use white hat SEO techniques to gain rankings gradually. It will take some time, but your business will sustain in the long-term.


Now you know how your site’s SEO performance is affected. Take the right steps to make amends and improve rankings and traffic.

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