5 Profitable Business Ideas for People With Low Investment

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5 profitable business ideas on the Internet for entrepreneurs with low investment capacity: Dropshipping, blogging, infoproducts (courses, videos, ebooks), online writing, second-hand apps.

In the dawn of a new year some people consider entrepreneurship as one of their purposes.

If earning money, having extra income, working from home, being the only boss to be accountable or simply by vocation are the main reasons to opt for entrepreneurship and be autonomous, the investment problem is a barrier to access to self-employment for who are unaware that there are profitable business ideas with low investment. Which are? We propose some of them in the following lines

In addition to the investment, other factors determine the profitability of the business idea

Before entering into the five business ideas that we propose we must address other issues that together with the investment will influence the profitability of the business idea, an idea embodied in your business plan that includes in detail the following aspects.

1. Entrepreneurial skills: Before diving into the pool, do an exercise of introspection. Ask yourself what your skills and knowledge are and with what experience you have to materialize the business idea. If you already have this route, it is an investment saving.

2. Medium term projection: What are the tendencies of the sector, what is the state of the competition or the degree of innovation of the idea? You must analyze the advantages that drive your future and the weaknesses that can compromise it.

3. Competition: This point deserves special attention that we have already taken into account as a determining factor for the projection of the future of the business. Competition and innovation are two indirectly proportional concepts. That is to say, the more innovative the idea, the less competition it will have and therefore the more possibilities to end up being profitable. The idea is that you analyze in detail your future competition.

4. Investment: Those who start an activity as self-employed for the first time seek that the cost of starting it up is not excessively high. Fortunately, as we will see later, the entrepreneur has a wide range of business ideas that require low investment.

Internet as a growing niche for businesses with low investment

The online world has been an ally of entrepreneurship. Talking about business ideas on the Internet is generally talking about profitability, low investment and easy start-up. In fact, according to the latest study by the strategic marketing consultancy of RMG and Associates of 2016, 78% of entrepreneurs trusted the internet to start up their businesses. And although we do not know the activity of each entrepreneur that formed that 78%, it is likely that more than one and two would opt for the five profitable business ideas that are supported in the online environment.

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Profitable business ideas with low investment: digital entrepreneurship

Dropshipping or sale of products to a third party

If there is a type of online business that has been growing for years, that is the dropshipping. It is a type of retail sale in which you act as an intermediary between the supplier wholesaler and the final customer. The benefit is obtained from the difference between the wholesale price and the retail price.

Dropshipping is synonymous with profitable business and low investment since it does not require investment in logistics, understood by this, storage and distribution. Therefore, the economic risk is significantly reduced.

Also, if you opt for this type of business your only activity will be the sale.

Creating a blog

The blog is the most basic business idea of online business. Before starting up, think of differentiating features to stand out from the competition, which in this area is powerful.

If you ask how to make profitable content creation that your blog feeds the solution is in advertising, segmented advertising and well paid that will generate revenue.

But you can not only monetize a blog with ads but also with the following profitable business ideas with low investment.

Digital production: info products

Internet is full of freelance that having reached a good reputation online, through a blog or a YouTube channel and are launched to the sale of info products in any format, ebook, online course or template. It is a good way to monetize the knowledge you have about something in particular and position yourself as experts in the field.

Freelancers in their mission to be digital leaders in integral services for freelancers also creates info products.

Freelance copywriter

Content Marketing is a breeding ground for companies with an Internet presence looking for freelance copywriters to carry out their search engine positioning strategies through content. For this reason, becoming a freelance copywriter is a profitable option to obtain money, especially because it adapts to current Marketing trends and because the investment is minimal, since it does not even require the cost of renting a store. In addition, there have proliferated platforms that offer work to freelance copywriters in any of its forms: columnists, bloggers, copywriters…

The second-hand sector on the Internet

The second hand is a booming sector that was born in the heat of the economic crisis and still remains today. The combination of the Internet and the collaborative economy has led to the birth of sales applications between individuals and even intermediaries who sell second-use products, be it clothes, furniture, technology, books.

Buying at a good price is the trend on which the business of the second hand is based. The acquisition of the product is done at a lower cost so if you aspire to be an entrepreneur you can consider this expanding market.

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