Why Should I Get A Ford Transit Custom Lease?

The Ford Transit Custom has become the cornerstone of many businesses, whether used as individual vehicles or in larger fleets. But what makes it so popular, and why do so many companies use them on such a wide scale? 

If you are interested in the Ford Transit Custom or any van that can properly support your needs, then here is a breakdown of what it offers over regular options.

What is the Ford Transit Custom?

The Ford Transit Custom is one of the most popular van models available and possibly one of the most well-known in the entire world. Designed to be a flexible and customizable alternative to individual van models, Ford has continually updated the range with each new generation.

As a favorite for tradespeople and groups that need versatile vehicles, it is often seen used in transport roles or as mobile toolboxes for contractors, but a single Ford Transit Custom can be configured for various roles. Some even have raised roof heights or altered body shapes.

In terms of actual design, the Ford Transit Custom does not look particularly different from a standard van. This is because the design, components, and configuration can all vary quite heavily, giving owners a lot of options over how their van looks, operates, and controls.


The main draw of the Ford Transit Custom is the ‘custom’ element. Each of these vans can come in a variety of different base models, which can then have various different configurations, alternate components, and other features applied to them. There are thousands of combinations available.

While you may not be able to adjust a vehicle that you are leasing, you can get a Ford Transit Custom lease on an existing model of the vehicle that is already configured to your needs. Companies sometimes build entire fleets out of different leased Ford Transit Custom variants.


The basic body style completely changes the general frame and design of the vehicle, but not enough to make other options and adjustments incompatible. For example, a Ford Transit Custom Sport contains a more powerful version of a Ford engine as standard but can also come in both long and short wheelbase variants.

This means that the customer gets far more control over what they are leasing. If one Ford Transit Custom seems too tall, then there will be another model with the reduced roof height that you can lease instead.

Different body length, height, and structure options (including optional walls between the back and the cab) also offer more chances to get vehicles for highly specific niches. A slightly taller body increases carrying capacity, while an inner wall might shield the drivers from loose cargo.


Another option available for the Ford Transit Custom is seating variations. A standard Ford Transit Custom lease could have anything from two seats to eight, which could even include a central table for passengers to use during in-van meetings or to eat food from.

The seats can also be installed in configurations that allow them to flip up and out of the way, meaning that they can be pushed aside to open up more carrying space. Of course, there are also vans without any seating at all, designed purely for carrying as much cargo as possible.

Thanks to these options, companies can get vans for cargo transport, people transport, or a combination of both with the ability to switch between them on the fly. This makes the van perfect for both static roles and situations where multiple tasks need to be done with the same vehicle.


Ford is one of the most famous car and van companies in the world, and its vans are a major part of many vehicle fleets. This is not just because of the fact that they can be configured in many ways, but also because they are very well-made and offer a lot of benefits to their owners.

For example, Ford vehicles are generally constructed to be sturdy and reliable and can handle most regular work without any wear and tear. They are also able to hold quite a large load in the rear section, especially with some improvements and upgrades, which makes them great for heavy-duty work.

The overall quality in all Ford Transit Custom models is going to be high, even if they are leased second-hand. While some models and designs will have upgrades that make them suited to specific tasks, most Transit Customs can handle any kind of work fairly well.

The handling of a Ford Transit Custom depends on the design and configuration of each van, which means that drivers might have to get used to larger bodies or the adjusted weight of an upgraded vehicle. However, they all use the same basic cab, meaning that the controls and general feel are going to be very, very similar.

Should I Lease a Ford Transit Custom?

Getting a Ford Transit Custom lease is very easy since there will be dozens of them available in your local area and hundreds more if you decide to look a bit further out. The van is so well-liked and convenient that countless companies have started using them, sometimes as their only transport vehicle.

If you have a specific purpose in mind for your new van, then start looking for a lease option that suits it. For example, if you want a people-carrier, then try to find models with the maximum amount of seating and other comfort or capacity features, all of which would be useful.

If you are not sure what you want to use the van for, then you can always try to find a more generic model that might suit various roles. This can also be useful for smaller companies that can only afford to lease a few vehicles since it allows the van to accommodate multiple tasks and jobs at once.

More info on the Sport Model, the Ford Transit Custom as a whole, and its various configurations could always help. The more you know about the van and what it can be used for, the easier it becomes to fit it into your existing company fleet or structure.

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