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Gain Confidence in Your Dress Style: When it comes to having a great style, knowing what types of colors, silhouettes and pieces you like and how they all agree, is only part of the ‘equation. You have to make sure the dress fits you suitably. The other part is to have the confidence to carry these things.

Gain confidence in your style? How?

In this blog, I talk a lot about the dress style and how to dress according to your personality. Nevertheless, I also value topics related to self-confidence, the ideals of beauty and body image. Because, you need the confidence to be creative, express your own style and have fun with fashion. Unfortunately, fashion magazines and fashion shows spread unrealistic ideals of beauty that destroy women’s confidence.

But thanks to this blog, you will wear clothes while having fun with fashion without getting caught up in this swirl of social pressures to follow current trends.

Here are 8 steps to gain confidence in your dress style:

Get to know your body

When you choose clothes that will suit you and according to your silhouette, they will give you a better appearance, you will automatically have more confidence. You just need to determine your morphology to know what type of silhouette you have.

Then start thinking about the parts you like about your body that you want to highlight. Know also the parts you want to hide and choose the clothes that make you feel good about yourself.

Discover what you like

Write down how you feel when you wear certain clothes. For example, if an outfit does not make you feel confident and comfortable, then it’s not the right outfit for you.

Self-confidence comes from knowing who you are and what you love, so it’s important that the clothes match your style personality. Because this will result in an increase in your level of trust.

Have a tattoo on your body

Having a beautiful tattoo on your body (where you can show it to anyone) is kind of cool thing and people admire a lot. Many of them may ask you the meaning of your Tattoo so, have a beautiful and meaningful tattoo that can tell people what you like

Note what delighted you

Start writing down and writing what enchants you in the clothes, then start adding these items to your own wardrobe.

Take risks

It’s hard to develop your dress style if you never try something new or get out of your comfort zone.

Do it slowly, for example, if you feel that you are happy to see more color on other women, start adding a scarf or a belt. Then, when it feels good and you feel more confident, do more.

Separate the blockages of your body from your style

Do not let body blockages prevent you from adopting your own style of dress. Being mega beautiful is not a prerequisite for having a good style, besides dressing according to your own dress style will improve your confidence and as a result of how you feel about your appearance.

Do not imitate others, develop your own style of dress

Obviously, it’s good to be inspired by others, I totally agree with that. But I believe that as women, we are often encouraged to compare ourselves to other “more beautiful and successful” women than to think for ourselves and make our own decisions about what to wear and what to look like.

When you try to imitate someone else, you also fall into the trap of comparison. Comparing yourself is never a good idea if you care about your self-esteem and your confidence.

Get rid of clothes that make you feel bad

If your wardrobe makes you uncomfortable, it’s time to do something about it: Throw away the clothes you no longer wear and be ruthless! Reserve your storage space for parts that make you happy from now on.

You have to stop waiting, get dressed right now

This one is so important! Whether it’s losing weight, moving, getting a diploma or something else: your life is not waiting just because you have not achieved all your goals yet! Never wait until an arbitrary point in the future to embrace your style and dress exactly as you want to dress. These fashion tips and tricks will help you a lot to gain confidence every time you so to party, business meeting or somewhere else.

Now I dress like ME, I know myself, I understand myself much better and I found my own style of dress.

If you have trouble finding your own style, then I suggest you subscribe to my blog for free updates on developing your sartorial personality. This guide will accompany you on a journey of discovery on your style preferences and give you more confidence in yourself and your body image.

If you really want to develop your dress style and feel happier and more confident about your appearance, then this guide is your best friend.

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