10 Profitable Internet Business Ideas on the Rise

Surely more than once you have stopped to think to see if you could come up with good profitable business ideas online that were booming and that would allow you to get rich in two days.

Everyone at some point we had ideas of entrepreneurs that seemed very good and the next day or after doing a small market study we found that it was not what it seemed and that business that seemed very profitable was not really a novelty.

I’m not going to tell you that I have the solution and that you’re going to get the pasta out of your ears, but I’m going to show you the ideas of an online business model that works, that is booming and that are profitable so you can get started on the internet and generate income through them.

It is logical if you think about setting up an online business from home and a franchise search engine comes to your mind for setting up an already existing online business for a guaranteed success.

All this is not easy but it is possible, and if you are looking for profitable business ideas on the internet that require little investment or even start a business without money, I leave you with 10 growing business opportunities that you can take advantage of.

I could begin to list many businesses on the internet in which to invest, but we are talking about profitable and worthwhile businesses, talking for example about a multilevel business where money is difficult to obtain is not the objective of this article.

It is normal that if your idea is to be an entrepreneur look for a business with little investment and a lot of profit, but you have to be careful, and if you are going to invest in a profitable online business, as an entrepreneur you must pay attention to the business model is:

  • Reliable: be careful, everything that glitters is not gold, not all business opportunities are what they seem.
  • Scalable: it is important that you take it into account when creating a business from scratch.
  • Oriented to a clear target audience: it is essential that you define your ideal client as soon as possible, it is possible to reach him with few visits, you have to deal with the viability of the business based on that end user.

10 profitable and innovative online business ideas

If you want to be an entrepreneur, there are many businesses in Spain that need little investment and are productive, you can even generate extra money doing manual labor from home, but if you want to make real money, I’ll show you what I think are the most profitable and easiest business ideas with low investment to monetize.

They are business models with higher profit margins and that require less investment.

It’s about 10 businesses that are in full swing

1. Online stores

Today in Spain, 84.6% of the population aged 16 to 74 has used the Internet in the last three months according to data from the National Statistical Institute and 4 out of 10 people have ever purchased online, with these data it is inevitable Do not think that an online store is a profitable business that is even more booming this year.

Anyone who wants to start and start a business today has to think about the internet, even if their thoughts are to rent or buy a place to sell a producer physically, the presence on the Internet is sooner or later inevitable.

The user has less time and is more comfortable and impatient, the facilities offered by online stores make it the most profitable business model today.


  • The cost and risk are minimal, setting up a shop easily with plugins like woo commerce for WordPress make working a lot easier.
  • Having an online store wide visibility and possible sales, in a physical store you do not have so much scope.
  • You play with double advantage to be able to count on the physical and local business.
  • The possibilities of promotion are enormous.


  • The logistics normally have a somewhat high cost depending on the sector.

2. Virtual franchises on the internet

Virtual franchises have long been one of the most profitable businesses, create a model or business plan where you have an advertising created, is an opportunity in the offline world but also on the Internet.

The difference when creating a business plan for a franchise in a physical establishment or online lies in the price and this is an advantage to not have to buy or rent a place or hire employees if you do not want.

The range of online productive business opportunities in these sectors is very wide, being able to create stores, real estate agencies, travel agencies or advertising companies.

This makes online businesses are now cheap and profitable franchises without a local as they are based on a system of low-cost fructiferous franchises.

If you want to set up a successful franchise in Spain or abroad you will have to work just like in a physical business but with the peace of mind that the outlay and risk are lower.


    • You do not need a place to develop your business, so you can create a cheap franchise and start earning money
    • The possibility of working from home from an internet connection open 24 hours a day.
    • Being a franchise with a target audience already known, the risk that the results of investing in a profitable franchise are lower.
    • Being an online franchise, the courses and seminars that can be offered by the franchisees for the development of the business will be online.
    • Greater advertising reach.


  • Less margin of creativity to have conditions on the part of the franchise.
  • Being on the internet is more exposed to damaging the image of the company.
  • Although the investment costs are lower than in the physical franchises, they are still important.

3. Academies and Online Training

If you want to start a business online, create an online academy on platforms as good as WordPress can be a very profitable business on the Internet.

As we discussed in point 1 about the lack of time and comfort, being able to receive group or personalized training from your home is a booming business that seems to have no ceiling.

Years ago, it was unthinkable to be able to receive this type of training from home, without a doubt it is one of the best business ideas with a promising present and future

Imagine receiving online guitar lessons, wonderful, right? This was not possible before and it is an innovative and real business today.


  • You can offer training so that the user can follow their rhythm from home.
  • You can resolve doubts through Skype and can resolve them in the same way as if you were in person.
  • You can offer very competitive prices by needing a minimum investment.
  • Greater discounts, by having more diffusion through different channels, the offer is more reachable and punctual discounts by dates or coupons make it a very attractive business system.


  • It can generate some mistrust due to massified courses currently of low quality.

4. Online advertising

If you want to start a profitable business and make money, advertising is an online business model that is constantly growing.

The Internet is another channel and is equal or more powerful in advertising than any other media to which we have been accustomed, this is usually the main incentive for those who start online and want to create a blog since it is the first option for those who start and want generate a passive income.

Although this may seem like a profitable business model idea, it has to be said that it is not the most profitable unless you have a high number of visits and I speak of many since a large number of users are needed to generate revenue for your website. worthy.

Not everything is AdSense and although it is a very good idea of work, there are better ways to earn money through advertising, in any case, will be influenced by the number of visits mainly.


  • It is easily integrated into almost any platform offering different possibilities of dissemination.
  • It does not need investment to start a business.
  • It is fully compatible with other business models adapted to a web.
  • You can decide on the part which words have the most CPC (cost per click) and generate more revenue based on searches.


  • You need to have a very high web traffic to have a decent income.

5. Drop shipping

The drop shipping is a model very profitable online business and innovative and with many possibilities today of selling a product in your online store from another provider.

The main benefit as an entrepreneur is that you do not have to worry about distribution and stocking.

Your invoices and you respond before the client of possible errors but the most cumbersome part is the provider of drops hipping with which you have a relationship that deals with the storage and distribution of the product.

With the drop shipping, you become an intermediary between the client and the manufacturer or wholesaler.

The margin is wider than the affiliation to mark your price in your store.

Drop shipping is one of the most booming online businesses that are becoming more fashionable.


  • The investment is even lower than in online stores because you do not buy the product from suppliers and then sell it.
  • You only take care of the sales part, so the shipping and logistics is in charge of the distributors


  • You do not have control of the entire process. This is an advantage but also a disadvantage since if there is an error in a shipment or some other problem you answer.
  • It is not easy to find drop shipping providers that respond well.

6. Affiliation

One of the best profitable businesses to generate money from home is affiliation.

It is one of the most innovative businesses and does not require investment.

It is a model widely used in blogs regardless of the subject and many websites on the internet offer their service to become affiliated and sell their products

Affiliation is a passive way of getting commissions through recommendations of products or services.

If a person clicks on a banner, image or link in your blog, you will take a commission for it.

You do not have to do anything else when you create an affiliate account in the different websites that offer this service, you will have access to your account where you can see the commissions generated and that will be paid into your account,

A simple example of this small business model would be to create an online store offering Amazon products with its affiliate program. For each sale from a link from your website, you will get a commission of up to 10% for each sale (€ 10 maximum) which is not bad because as a general rule, Amazon generates more confidence than other platforms.

Selling more or less will depend on the good work you have on your website, on using an attractive and booming product and using copywriting in the texts to get the customer to end up buying the affiliate product.

  • Advantage:
    You have absolutely no expenses.
  • The commissions depending on the sector tend to be high, with higher traffic, greater possibilities as long as you know how to sell and offer the affiliation product.
  • It is a profitable business that adapts and complements with other factors of sale or promotion of a web


  • You need to have a blog or web to be able to insert affiliate products or services, although this could well be an advantage because it is important to create a blog, today when you open many doors.
  • It is necessary to build trust with your readers to get that commission (do not recommend something bad or nobody else will trust you in the future)

7. Sale of Products and / or Services

It is the business model of the sale of a product or services of a lifetime in which it is sold personally adapted to the online world, the possibilities cannot be better at present.

Internet services are booming and almost any professional can offer online services while you can see your products.


  • It combines perfectly with a traditional offline business of always.
  • Wide profit margins if conversion techniques are used well.
  • Lower economic outlay as there is no need to have room and other additional expenses


  • By being on the internet you will not sell more or earlier at first.
  • If you do not promote your business, you will not have visitors or customers.
  • It takes a long period for it to start giving results.

8. Infoproduct

An info product is a package or pack that you can sell on your website or blog if you master the subject you can help other people through training courses to advance their projects or their personal lives.

Ebooks, PDF guides, video courses, software, webinars or applications are some of the products that can be sold through this business model.

Although there is a lot of information today about almost everything, it is true that every time there is a growing trend of viewing videos and online training courses and for this, an info product is the best ideas if you are thinking of creating a profitable business.


      • It can be sold unlimitedly passively without having to do anything.
      • You can create your own affiliate program among other professionals so that others can promote your info product in exchange for a commission.
      • The means of disseminating your info product can make any internal or external routes to the blog.


  • With so much competition and free information on the internet, you have to create something good and that really helps to consume to boost your business or personally (depending on the sector) if you want to be able to sell it.
  • You need to be visible and have a certain popularity or know how to promote your product very well, in any case, nobody buys the first one, you need to generate a trust.
  • Depending on the info product, you need to have the content updated

9. Niche page as a profitable business on the Internet

A niche page consists of a web-focused on a niche market with the idea of monetization and using all conversion-oriented techniques.

People who opt for this type of business are usually professionals with very clear ideas of monetization and almost everything is available on internet.

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  • Niche pages tend to be linked to affiliate marketing and Google Ad sense advertising because they invite it.
  • If you are able to find a good product you can generate a large amount of income


  • It is not easy to give a profitable niche with little competition.

10. Website creation and Consulting

If we take into account that any physical business is going to have to adapt to the online world, it makes us think that everyone in the future will need a web page, set up a business or adapt it to the online world is vital.

After creating a website, a good hosting is necessary for uptime, you can buy it from Trees biz. Now it is increasingly difficult to get out in the first results of Google, have a website is not enough, who only have a physical business and want to adapt it to the online world and believe that it will sell more only with design is wrong, you need the web to be fast and you need to be oriented for SEO.

What is certain is that those who do not adapt to the new digital world are being left behind, that is why creating web pages is a very profitable business.

In my case, on my site, I have a web design and consulting service that shows projects that work and I offer the creation of web pages as profitable businesses.


  • Many demands to need to use the online media today
  • Many possibilities by sectors.
  • Adaptable to almost any business.


  • The idea that platforms like wix give in which you can do it yourself in any way is deceptive, you can do it but it is difficult for that website to be profitable.
  • If a web is not well designed both visually and technically, it will no longer be beneficial because it does not appear on Google or be oriented towards a sale.


To start in profitable businesses, it is necessary to know that it is not easy to earn money overnight.

There are many possibilities and many businesses that are booming and that work but often depends on the way you manage those possibilities, the way you work, gain visibility and skills to sell that you have.

Not everyone is worth to be an entrepreneur, but there are many business models with a future that are worth trying.

The Internet opens a lot of business opportunities, think well which is more suited to your goals whether small or large profitable businesses.

We still have a lot to learn in the world of entrepreneurship, there are many highly profitable businesses that we have to exploit in Spain.

And you, do you know another profitable business idea that you think is worth investing in? Tell me in the comments.

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