Are Fixed Price Car Services Worth It?

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Having your car professionally serviced is essential. After all, driving a well-maintained vehicle is safer, more reliable, and increases your fuel economy. However, getting your car regularly checked is time-consuming and expensive, especially when you’re using an older model. Thankfully, car manufacturers and independent auto service centers offer affordable car services packages, allowing car owners to choose a practical service that’s based on their needs.

One type of cheap car service Perth car owners can select is fixed-priced servicing. Though this service is often made synonymous with capped-price services, its terms, delivery, and providers are different.

Capped-price packages are typically designed for new cars and mainly offered by car manufacturing companies. It gives car owners a maximum capped price on some scheduled services, as long as certain conditions are met. These conditions can range from the car’s ownership period to its current mileage. What’s more, car manufacturers reveal the price of this package ahead of time on their website or by speaking with the customer before the car is bought.

Fixed-price servicing, on the other hand, is offered by independent auto services and your local mechanic. This package is designed to cover most maintenance items like diagnostic checks, changing the oil and filter, as well as brake inspection. It also applies to both new and second-hand vehicles. Plus, the price is fixed, so the cost of the package won’t change.

The Advantages of Fixed-Price Car Services

According to the Australian Automobile Aftermarket Association (AAAA), car manufacturers don’t share all of their products’ information with independent car services. This means mechanics don’t have access to all the resources they need for software updates and repairs. Because of this, it’s understandable why some car owners avoid fixed-price packages. Nevertheless, choosing a fixed-price car service can still be worth your time due to the following reasons:

Services are Carried Out by Reputable Individuals

Trusted independent car service dealers are licensed and only fit original equipment parts to the vehicles they’re handling. As a result, their customers can rest assured that their cars are well-taken care of.

Gives You the Ability to Budget the Costs

With the cost of the scheduled maintenance fixed, you’re given enough time to save up for it. You’ll also get the most out of this package since it includes all the services needed to keep your vehicle in good shape.

It Won’t Affect Your Warranty

Having your car serviced by an independent auto service company won’t affect your warranty. However, you need to make sure that the Perth auto service center has to be suitably qualified and uses quality parts to keep the warranty intact. The best fixed-price mechanics can usually be found by searching online or through word of mouth.

Every Perth car owner knows that the best way to keep their cars in good shape is to have them undergo routine maintenance. Unfortunately, as cars age, the cost of their upkeep tends to rise. Fortunately, with the availability of affordable car services like fixed-price servicing, car owners will be able to maintain their vehicles and stay within their budgets.

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