How to Fix a Corrupt Access Database File Without Any Data Loss

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Database corruption happens due to such incorrect file system recovery. This is one of the common types of software failure and it can lead to database corruption.

If you are having an issue with a corrupt Access database file, you will want to keep reading this article to find out the best ways to fix this problem while keeping all of your data.

What is Access?

Access is a Database Management System (DBMS) included in the MS Office Suite of tools. It allows users to store and retrieve data on demand and to their specifications. There are two types of Access files,.MDB (2003 and older versions) and.ACCDB (2007 and later versions). Access offers a simple easy to use format that is very popular with businesses. However, the program has a major drawback; the files used by Access are often prone to corruption. If you find you.ACCDB datafile has become corrupted here are a few ways you can retrieve your file without risking data loss:

  1. The first thing to attempt when you want to fix your corruption.ACCDB file and not risk losing data is to try restoring the corrupt file from a backup. It is very likely that previously saved versions of the file do not contain the error that has caused the file to become corrupt. It is always best to frequently save your database files, and if you have a recently saved version of the file, then restoring it can effectively fix the problem while preserving all of your data.
  2. If you are unable to restore your data file from a backup.ACCDB file, then try using the Compact and Repair Database tool. This tool is easy to use and can be found under to “Tools” menu in Access. Once you have found the Compact and Repair tool click the “Compact” button to get it started. The tool will review the file for corruption and attempt to repair any instances located.
  3. Following the use of the Compact and Repair tool, you may find there is still an issue with yours.ACCDB. The next option to try would be JETCOMP.exe, another Microsoft tool available for download separately. Running JETCOMP.exe may help to restore your corrupt data file.
  4. Finally, suppose you are unable to repair your data file with any of the Microsoft tools or restore it from a backup. In that case, you may need to download a third-party application to make further attempts to fix ACCDB file. There are several applications on the market that have the capability to restore files safely and without any risk of losing your data.


There are many reasons why.ACCDB files become corrupt. To prevent this from happening again, you may want to consider ways to safeguard your data files. It is important to protect your data files from getting infected with a virus, and remember to always properly shut down your computer when you have an Access data file is open. Also, be very careful when installing third-party apps as these can also cause.ACCDB files to become corrupt.

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