Why Cremation Services are Less Expensive as Compared to Typical Burial

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Losing a loved one is one of the most challenging tragedies a person will cope with in life. The choice between traditional burial or cremation is not an easy decision. There are various factors to consider, such as location, customs, personal beliefs, and costs.

We did a deep dive behind cremation in Dallas TX, and learned that, in general, the process of cremation is much less expensive compared to a typical burial. Cost is a primary factor when considering funeral service options. Most often than not, people tend to choose to pursue cremation instead of burial because of how inexpensive it is.

Why Burials Are More Expensive

The average cost of a traditional burial can range from $7,000 to $10,000. In some cases, the cost can be well over $15,000. The burial price is determined by the components that come with this type of funeral service. There are significant and sensitive decisions to be made from the deceased’s preparation, organizing viewings and visitations, graveside services, and most likely transportation of the deceased to the preferred burial location. Important acts such as choosing a casket, headstone, burial location, clothing, and mementos must be taken into account. By selecting a traditional burial service, you will have the opportunity to visit loved ones at their resting place.

Why Cremation Services Are More Cost-Effective

Typically, burials are a more familiar option for families when making this deeply personal choice. However, requests for cremation services have increased over the years as it has proven to be a cost-effective approach to caring for a loved one’s remains.

Cremation in Dallas, TX ranges from $600 to $800, while the national average is approximately $1,100. Before the cremation process, there is still a chance to have an intimate funeral service with visitations and a viewing to allow the family a moment to say goodbye and collect any personal items. There is a significant cost difference between these two services due to how extensive they can be. While a typical burial is more involved, the cremation process consists of fewer components, such as choosing an urn and resting place for the remains. Families may choose to keep the urn with them or choose a vault or crypt onsite at a local cemetery.

While each factor does have its added costs, cremation is still a less expensive option overall, potentially saving thousands of dollars. One lesson the world has learned over the last year is that you can never be too prepared to lose a beloved one. As sensitive as this topic is, it is valuable to understand the differences between a cremation and traditional burials and what each service entails. During a traumatic time such as this, the focus should be on celebrating the deceased’s life and taking time to say goodbyes. Preparing in advance will help alleviate stress when it comes to the logistics behind arranging the care for a loved one’s remains. It is times like this when we should surround ourselves with those we love who are still walking the earth today and not take anyone or anything for granted. Tomorrow is never promised.

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