Five Majestic Temples Of North India To Visit

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By Lucia Adams

If Indian history has taught us anything, it would be the importance of building temples. Kings of past did not see temple as just a site of worship. They consider the temples as their icons to recite their pride, even after their time. Some used temples as refuge spots, when invaders visit and many kings buried their treasures inside the temples for ‘rainy days’.

Apart from brilliance in artisanship and the strong beautiful statues inside, the temples are famous for unique elements. Here are the top five majestic temples you ought to visit in North India.

1. Birla Mandir Of Jaipur

Located on the base of MotiDungari Hills of Jaipur, this temple was built recently, in the end of 20th century by Birla Family. This temple is famous for its three huge domes, which represent the three main religions, which originated from India. The temple is famous for its white structure, with delicate carving. The best time to visit the temple is after sunset to spot the temple, decorated with thousands of lights. The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and his consort Lord Lakshmi.

2. Golden Temple of Amritsar

This Golden Temple is a famous Gurdwara located in Punjab. This is the mecca for Sikhs. The temple gets its name from the golden tiles, which cover the temple. It is located in the middle of a man-made pool, which is said to be a sacred one. Within the complex, you can find museum, clock towers, ceremonial halls and others. You can take part in the ceremonies inside the temple and enjoy a simple meal at the langar, which feeds more than a million people, every day.

3. Lotus Temple Of Delhi

Unlike the other temples of this list, this temple is a house of worship, for all religion. This temple is famous for its architectural structure resembling a flower. This house of worship has nine opening like a human body. Reading religious texts is allowed here but delivering sermons or lectures is prohibited. Tourists generally visit this temple to enjoy the structure.

4. Vaishno Devi Temple Of Jammu

This is a popular temple located in the Trikuta Mountains of Jammu district. This temple is dedicated to Mother goddesses, Shakti. It is said that Pandavs(Mahabharata epic) built this temple, overlooking a holy cave, which is more than million years old. The rituals of this temple are consideredvery holy and interesting. In the holy cave, you can find a handprint, which is said to grant blessing to pilgrims.

5. Kashi Vishwanath Temple Of Varanasi

This is one of the most famous temples of Varanasi City. Located in Uttar Pradesh, this temple is located on the banks of the holy river, Ganges. The deity of the temple is called as Vishwanath. There is not exact detail about when the temple was built. It was first destroyed in 12th century and then built and destroyed several times. The current structure was built in 18th century. When the temple was first destroyed, a mosque was built in the past of the temple. You can find the mosque, even today. The best of all rituals of this temple is the Mangala Aarti, which takes place between 3 and 4 in the morning. Apart from this, Varanasi holds numerous temples in every alley and street of the city.

Apart from these, there are numerous other temples and structures in North India. Each temple has its own uniqueness. Do not restrict with Hindu temples alone. You can find many pilgrimage sites; some are very secluded and peaceful while, the others are bursting with tourists, every day.

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