Ensure the Safety of Workers with Roof Anchor Points

Construction workers face a lot of hazards while working. A lot of risks are involved in working in high places. Therefore it is essential to have certain work standards in place. The simple logic is that, while working for reconstructing a roof, or while going for a new construction, the workers must know how to work with roof anchor points to get the final safety and security. Workers use roof anchor points along with a fall protection system to keep them out of harm’s way.

Why is it essential to install roof anchor points?

There are a number of reasons why it is necessary for companies to install roof anchor points for workers if there isn’t one installed already. Here are some of them:

  • To Prevent Lives – There have been several cases reported where people have lost their lives by falling from a great height while they were at work. It is known that a fall from only 2 meters of elevation can cause severe injuries to a person, even causing death. Hence a roof anchor point is essential.
  • It is a requirement by law – The place where people work must be kept safe and sound, and so must be the conditions for the workers who work at heights. It is explicitly mentioned in the law of almost every country that the owner of a company must always install height safety features like a roof anchor point.
  • To Save money in terms of Compensation- Roof anchor points are also important for saving the company from paying compensation to the families of the workers who have lost their lives by falling from the heights while they were on their duty hours. The presence of roof anchor points and other such measures of safety such as harnesses are essential, as they give the right to the company to claim that the death might have been accidental.

Tips to keep in mind about roof anchor points:

The safety of its workers must be the primary concern of every professional sector. Given below are certain aspects which must be taken into consideration regarding anchor points:

  • The government must certify all roof anchor points before they are installed. The certification ensures that they have been properly checked and that they will be in perfect working order for a specified period. Residential, commercial and single standing roof anchor points are some of the anchor types that can give full protection to the roof and the worker. The steel base points along with the galvanized finish are two of the most important criteria that allows for a seamless working of the roof anchor points.
  • One must always get roof anchor points reviewed by experts on a regular basis. A proper inspection once in a while is necessary as it helps the owner and workers of the building to know precisely what the condition of the roof anchor point is.High quality roof anchor protections are the best for working with retractable or horizontal lifeline systems. Stainless steel systems do not rot, they last long, and they can be used as roof anchor for quite a large number of projects.

It is always a good idea to pay attention to how the roof anchor points are made and stored. Even with the best quality roof anchor points, there is still a chance that a mishap may occur, which may turn out to be fatal. This might also be because of the poor design of the anchor points, or the way they are positioned.

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