5 Benefits of Choosing CertainTeed Products

Your home’s roof is an incredibly important protector so it is absolutely crucial that it remains strong and durable throughout the years.

Your roof is also a key part of the overall look of your home. While a sturdy roof should be a top priority, so too should a roof that looks sharp on the outside.

Thankfully, CertainTeed products are a top choice for many homeowners as this manufacturer develops some of the highest quality shingles and metal panels on the market.

Here are five reasons to choose CertainTeed products when it’s time to install a new roof on your home.

1. Easy Product Navigation

CertainTeed products are not only top of the line, but also offer a vast array of options for homeowners. However, with all those options, how do you actually nail down a decision?

CertainTeed organizes its products into categories – material, style, value, color, performance – so that your shingle buying experience is as easy as possible. The ease with which this process can be carried out is a huge help to homeowners as you can simply scan through the options and choose the one that best fits your home’s structural and aesthetic needs.

You may also benefit from the ColorView software. This product allows you to upload an image of your home and change the material and color of the roof until you find something that you really love.

Unlike paint, you can’t bring roof samples home and test out your options until you find something you like, but the interactive ColorView tool provides you an easy way to really distinguish which products will look best on your particular property.

2. Advanced Visual Design

With CertainTeed products, you can design virtually anything your heart desires. Whether it is a home renovation or a commercial project, CertainTeed’s interactive design tools will allow you to create and customize everything necessary to make your home the living space of your dreams.

What are these tools?
In addition to ColorView, there are several others that can be quite useful to you in your attempt to construct the ideal roof.

(a) ColorCoach – ColorCoach is a virtual swatch book that lays all of your options out in an easy to digest manner. ColorCoach is a tool meant to help you visualize all your potential choices and allows you to confidently make the right decision.

(b) CurbAppeal from CertainTeed – CurbAppeal is an app developed to allow for a simple way to review and select textures, styles, and colors for a variety of exterior products. Like ColorCoach, this leads to a much more detailed and thorough design process.

(c) Trim-it – Trim-it offers a vast array of decorative and accent trim products from vinyl and composite product lines. This is a tool that goes a long way toward allowing you to design a roof that has a very distinct look and feel.

(d) Blend-it – Blend-it allows you to browse through a deep list of blended mixes and solid colors in order to find the natural cedar appearance that fits your needs best.

3. Leading Durability

CertainTeed products are widely considered the gold standard of the roofing industry. Durability is never an issue with CertainTeed roofing products because everything produced is built to last. The materials are extremely strong and everything made is able to withstand even the most dramatic weather conditions.

It will also stand up to UV rays, which can be quite harmful to the home, but cannot penetrate the strength of a roof built with CertainTeed products.

Likewise, CertainTeed roofs are generally algae and fire resistant. These roofs are constructed to keep you safe, no matter what it may have to endure.

4. Sustainability

With CertainTeed roofing, everything was put together in an environmentally friendly way. All of the standards and codes for green construction are adhered to with CertainTeed products, with much of the waste produced during the manufacturing process recycled and products specifically developed with the idea of improving energy efficiency in mind.

Numerous CertainTeed products are sustainable, such as the company’s solar reflective asphalt shingles and solar reflective metal systems, which are both ideal for keeping energy consumption in your home as low as possible, dramatically lowering the cost of your energy and utility expenses.

5. Best Warranty Coverage

A house is typically the one biggest investment an individual will create. Similarly, since the roof is a major component of a home, it is a major financial commitment. You can do all of the research before making an informed purchase, but even the best roof can eventually run into problems. After such careful consideration and purchase, the last thing you need is a roof that wears down and ends up costing you even more.

While this is a scenario we regularly encounter, when customers select CertainTeed products they are provided with industry-leading products and industry-leading warranties.

The makers of CertainTeed realize that customer satisfaction includes not only providing the best possible products at the best possible price, but also an absolute and complete dedication to customer service. That is why when you buy CertainTeed products, you can rest easy knowing not only is the quality of the product unmatched, but so is the level of dedication to ensuring any and all potential problems are fixed to the customer’s absolute satisfaction.

Just as important as your roofing materials is the roofing company you select to install CertainTeed. After all, you can have the very best materials in the world, but if they are not put to proper use, then they do not hold much value.

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