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There is nothing as joyful as having a child in your life and looking after them with all the love and care. Children are bliss, they give you unconditional joy, love and pure humanity. They change you as an individual and make you look at life in a completely different manner. The innocence of children will make you look at the world with a new perspective.

However, there are a lot of children who are deprived of a good home and cannot have the joy of being a child. They do not get the childhood they deserve and their life becomes nothing like it should ideally be. If you know of any such children and want to make a difference to their life, you can. You can be the change for every child and a be a part of the world which prevents them from having an unhappy childhood.

What is fostering?

There are many couples who crave for a child for a long time or they have seen their children grow up and move away to follow their dreams and goals, if you are one of them, fostering is your solution. Adoption comes with a huge responsibility and the commitment of a lifetime whereas fostering is for a very short period of time. It is a very simple process where you invite a child in your home through a government agency and care for them like your own. There is a long process to getting approved as a foster parent which also depends on your household and family. If your household has a capacity and your experience shows that you are good at fostering, the agencies might allocate you more than one child. Once you understand how fostering works, you will be able to excel at it. It is a system where minors are allotted to foster carers so as to ensure that they have a healthy environment to grow. You will receive foster care allowance for the expenses incurred by you.


The government agency who is in charge of fostering will select the foster carers with extreme care. Many retired couples around the world opt for fostering and earn rewards on the same. Apart from providing you with the regular expenses, they also reward the parent based on a number of factors. In case the child allotted to you is one which has special needs, your expenses will be on the higher side and the compensation will also be on the higher side. As you begin to gain experience in fostering, the pay scale rises and you might have more children being allotted to you. It is the best way for retired couples to fill their life with love and to earn their living by simply caring for a child. Children have the ability to take away all the loneliness from their lives and will make the home joyful and filled with laughter.

Your role as a foster carer

Fostering is indeed a rewarding experience and will help you grow as a parent and as an individual. It is possible for any adult to become a foster carer if they have the ability to care for children and use their life experience to guide them in vulnerable situations. Many a times, it so happens, that individuals are not aware of their capabilities as a foster parent and they only learn about them when they start fostering a child. You need to know that fostering does not require you to be wealthy or to have your own house or to have specific qualification. Even unmarried individuals can be foster carers. The agency lays importance of your level of maturity and your love towards children. You should be committed towards making a difference in the life of children through fostering. Many parents do not even know that they have the ability to take in more than one child for fostering and they only realize this when they spend some time with a child.

Fostering is much more than a 9 to 5 job and it is also more rewarding than any other job in the world. There can never be a better job than caring for a child who needs only love from you. You mould the child into a better person and play an important part in their life. The process of application as a foster carer is lengthy and tedious. You need to understand every step of the process so as to excel in the future you intend to build for yourself.

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