Anti-Aging Tips And How To Reverse Aging

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Staying young is a dream every one of us carries. With time, age can start to take a toll on the skin, hair and the overall body. However, aging can get accelerated due to habits and the lifestyles you follow. Here are the most prominent factors of aging one may endure and the ways you can reduce and reverse the effects on your appearance.

Aging Spots

Aging spots appear on the skin due to exposure to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays and are a sign of melanin-concentrating on certain points on the skin. They may have developed during the twenties and start showing during your forties. A diet rich in omega oil and antioxidants can prevent spots.

Although there are several products to help reduce the spots, you can also prevent them from occurring at all. Sunscreen can be the best option to prevent any age spots on your body. Be it the hands, neck, face or legs, any part of the body exposed to the sun needs to be slathered with a bit of sunscreen before you leave home to ensure your skin stays healthy as ever.

Greying Hair

Having your hair go grey can be a moment of fear and confusion. Often due to habits, stress and pollution, hair tends to grey prematurely as well. Dyeing can be a remedy but reversing the grey hairs is also possible with the help of the right treatment.

To reverse gray hair you can employ the use of treatments such as hair masks and consume a diet rich in proteins to supply your hair cells with a healthy dose of melanin.


Due to increased collagen content, men tend to stay more immune to the aging process than women. The sun, smoking, and stress can cause lines to appear on the surface of the skin making you appear older than what you are. Sugar is another factor that contributes to the loss of elasticity and plumpness of the skin.

Cutting down on sugar may be the primary cure for wrinkles. This reduces the process of glycation and hence the elasticity of the skin tends to last much longer reducing the chance of wrinkles.

Sagging Of Jowls

The effect of gravity, as well as a reduction of the skin’s natural scaffolding- collagen, can lead to jowls. This calls for a treatment for your oral health that goes further than teeth whitening.

Using an electric toothbrush and massaging the gums can not only prevent this but also improve gum health by increasing blood circulation in the gums.

Thinning Of Hair

Another side effect of aging, thinning of hair can also be caused due to pollution, the quality of water used and the products used on the hair. There are several formulations that can improve the hair growth as well as other treatments that can increase the life of your hair.

Having a different haircut and hairstyle that minimizes exposure of the scalp can also aid in preventing the hair affecting your appearance. Some haircuts can reduce the effects drastically in people.

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