Effective Ways to Treat and Prevent Skin Pigmentation

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Pigmentation or hyper pigmentation is what causes the discoloration on the skin. Most people who suffer from such skin conditions may consider pigmentation as a personal issue. It takes away the self-confidence of others, and it can be a burden to some. If you are not taking good care of your skin or being aware of the harmful factors that can cause damages to the surface, there is a high possibility for you to develop skin pigmentation.

Are you tired of those acne scars and stubborn skin pigmentation? Worry not, as tons of treatment procedures will eliminate them. If you want to know more about these fantastic treatments, don’t stop reading!

Effective Treatment Options

Getting rid of any skin pigmentation can be very difficult. From searching online for home remedies to buying skincare products that don’t even work. There may be some helpful and effective home treatments for an easy solution to milder cases of hyper pigmentation. But for severe cases, medical assistance may be required.

Thankfully, medical or cosmetic procedures for skin pigmentation treatments are not as scary as the traditional ones. Listed below are the popular treatment procedures that will surely rejuvenate your skin.


Laser treatments are capable of treating pigmentations, such as acne scars, freckles, wrinkles, etc. The procedure can only be carried out by an experienced professional. Laser treatments work by delivering focused beams of light into the epidermis to break down pigmented skin cells.

There are two types of laser treatments: Ablative laser treatment and Non-ablative laser treatment. Both methods work effectively to destroy unwanted elements in the skin. This is to ensure the growth of healthy skin cells.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peeling can be done at home or at a clinic, depending on the severity of the pigmentation. For mild acne scars or pigmentation, milder chemical peel substances for such cases are available over-the-counter. As for deeper and severe cases, an experienced doctor should handle it. They will need to use a stronger concentration of chemical peel substance to little by little eliminate or shed off the affected skin.

It is best to avoid the sun when you are undergoing chemical peeling sessions as the treatment can make your skin more sensitive to the sun. Bothe mild and strong chemical peels come with side effects such as peeling of the skin and redness that will subside for a couple of days.

Visiting your derma clinic will help you decide whether there is a need to undergo chemical peeling sessions or mild chemical peeling is enough for your hyper pigmentation.


Microdermabrasion eliminates skin pigmentation by removing layers of the affected skin using a drill-like tool. The device continuously swipes across the skin and gently removes the damaged skin little by little. The great thing about this treatment method is that it doesn’t cause any damage to the skin tissues.

There will only be minimal downtime with this treatment. Microdermabrasion is an exfoliating treatment that may require multiple sessions to acquire the best result.


Microneedling works by puncturing the skin are where the pigmentation is located with its device that has a needle-studded roller to reduce the depth of pigmentation. As the skin heals, collagen fibers will start to produce. Microneedling is a safe treatment. Results may be seen after nine months. Microneedling is a quick and painless way to improve your skin texture, as Aesthetic Lane explains

Prevention Tips

With the right skincare practices, you’re a step ahead to protect your skin from pigmentations. Here are some tips that you can do to lessen or avoid the damaging effects of the sun’s UV light

  • Regular use of anti-inflammatory skincare products – the body’s healing response to the skin damages from dermatitis, acne, and other pigmentation, causes the discoloration of the skin. Inflammation happens as the body isolates the bacteria or substances from spreading and proceeds to attack it with healing nutrients. To avoid worsening the inflammation, apply ginger or skincare products that have anti-inflammatory contents to soothe the inflammation, and kill the bacteria instantly.
  • Use sun-protection – Protecting your skin from the sun can do so much for you. It can even prevent your skin from wrinkling and getting dry. Regularly and repeatedly apply sunblock with SPF 50 to ensure your skin is protected and well shielded from the harmful UV rays.

Apply brightening products – Once you notice that there is an acne breakout, immediately apply brightening creams or ointments. This will help prevent the development of hyper pigmentation. These skincare products work by inhibiting the production of melanin.

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