Senior Proofing Your Home: How to Keep Your Elderly Ones Safe

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Senior citizens along the sunny Sunshine Coast of Brisbane, Australia, want to stay at home and continue living independently. They enjoy the comforts of familiar surroundings that spark happy memories. However, as a concerned family member, the safety of your elderly loved ones is one of your top concerns. With brittle bones, poor eyesight, and aching joints, how do you keep your elderly family protected and safe at home?

Consider the following suggestions below:

Providing Aged Care Services

It is common for family members like you living in Brisbane to care for your aging parents. It is both rewarding and challenging to take care of your older loved ones who now have unique needs because of their advanced age. However, with many other demands like work, children, and other activities, you sometimes find it daunting to balance your time. Make an honest assessment of your situation.

There are aged care services Brisbane that you can consider to help you look after your aging parents. This service is an option that many take because it assures that an extra pair of eyes and hands helps monitor their aging loved ones. With this service, qualified caregivers come to an older adult’s home to administer medication, assist with laundry, help with personal care needs, provide physiotherapy, and more. This service ensures that your senior family members can still live a pretty healthy and quality life despite their age.

Beefing-up Mobility Features

So they can be more comfortable in their own homes, it is essential to make modifications in their living area to make it a lot easier for the seniors in your life to move around. You can set up a bench by the door where they can put their bags or wear their shoes. Placing a high stool by the kitchen counter means they can do their food prep while sitting. Aged care services in Brisbane also offer assistance in setting ramps, alarms, and support rails. On top of that, you should remind your older loved ones to put on comfy shoes to prevent tripping.

Remodeling the Bathroom

Most seniors are vulnerable to accidents in the bathroom, so it is critical to make necessary changes to make it more safe and accessible. You can install grab bars in the toilet and shower area, so they can hold onto something, especially when the floor is slippery with soap. Place non-skid rubber mats in the shower area and near the sink.

Some people opt to place shower stools so their older parents can take a bath in a sitting position. Other senior-friendly accessories include a shower wand for helping them wash those hard-to-reach areas. Those who have more budget consider a full bathroom remodel to take away a tub and replace it with a walk-in shower.

Adding More Light Fixtures

One of the things that deteriorate with time is eyesight. It is common for seniors to have vision problems. To mitigate accidents because they can’t see correctly, you must make it a priority to add more light fixtures to help them see better. You can add brighter lights or more light fixtures around the entryway, hallways, and especially the stairs. Consider adding motion-detection sensors or smart programmable lighting, so your elderly loved ones don’t have to grope in the dark to flick on the light switch.

Checking the Exteriors

It is also common for seniors to have falling accidents outside their homes, so you must double-check the garage, driveway, porch, entryway, and sidewalk for any possible problems. Make sure all these areas are free from possible tripping hazards such as root stumps, oil spill, or cracks on the pavement. Placing rubber mats and anti-slip grips in high traffic areas will be most beneficial in providing traction to prevent slipping and falls.

Bottom Line

These suggestions can give you peace of mind and help your elderly loved ones stay in their homes safely. There are various ways and means, including high tech gadgets and aged care services in Brisbane to help your loved ones. If your older parents are battling a more severe issue like dementia, it is time to consider an alternative option like staying in an assisted living community. The most important thing to remember is that their safety and well-being remain the topmost priority because a minor fall can have serious and fatal repercussions with their fragile bodies.

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