Drool-Worthy – Garlic Parmesan Crust Pizza is Here!

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Seasonal Crust Pizza specials are the stuff of every true fan’s dreams. The pie might be one of the most popular foods in America, but there’s still a big difference between those who love it more than life itself and people who just like a slice from time to time. You know that’s true because everyone can think of at least one person who is obsessed with finding the cheapest pizza specials so they can afford to try every new specialty pie and seasonal limited edition item as they roll out. If you’re looking for the next big trend that is going to blow up like garlic butter or mozzarella stuffed crust, you’ve got to try out the new wave of garlic Parmesan Crust Pizza. Top national chains are just starting to play with them, so it shouldn’t be hard to locate a participating restaurant.

Crust Loaded With Flavor

What makes this new crust flavoring so special? Well, if you’re a big fan of the popular garlic butter dipping sauce that’s spread throughout the major chains over the last 20 years, this new flavor combination is a lot like having that dipping sauce worked into the crust before baking the pie. That means you get the flavor in every bite, not just the last couple nibbles of crust end you dip in the leftover sauce.

  • Complement the flavor of toppings in every bite
  • Cooked-through seasoning
  • Available on individual-sized items like the half pizza half sandwich.

If you’ve been waiting for the next big thing, this is it. The best part is that it’s rolling out during football season, so you can grab a couple of pies and share the experience with your friends while you wonder what’s going on with your favorite team. In a season that’s been loaded with surprises, adding a little something extra to your pie guarantees there’s at least one moment in the game everyone will be able to enjoy.

Will This Flavor Be One With Staying Power?

Every few years, there’s a single new event in the world of Crust Pizza so big that even the local mom and pop restaurants who try hard to stick to personalized recipes wind up picking it up. The big question whenever there’s a new specialty event is, will this be the one? Will it be what makes another major chain synonymous with the idea of Crust Pizza for a year or so, will it be good enough to get copied? Or is it just a special event for the enjoyment of the real pizza fan, here today and gone tomorrow, only to return quietly in a few years when the demand has built back up in the hard-core base of pizza lovers.

Only time will tell, that’s for sure. If you’re interested in helping prove this fantastic flavor is worth adding to the menu full-time, you’ve got to make it popular. That’s why it’s time to hop on the best pizza tracker in your arsenal and go looking for the new garlic Parmesan crust. There’s no question it’s a great addition flavor-wise because it’s cooking in a flavor many pizza fans already know and love.

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