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Are you wondering why you have heard about Comparium off lately whenever one is looking for automated web testing processes? Then you must know how every script that you are writing through Selenium components like its IDE is easily visible on Comparium.

Read ahead to know our personal experience with this web-testing tool to make life easier everyone developer on this platform:

1. Lesser time used

Using this online web-testing or cross-browsing testing tool online has been a mark of convenience for many developers out there.

Lesser time used

And the same is applied for both beginner and advanced level programmers, scriptwriters, and business owners who are working with the Selenium tool for running different updates online.

Because of following this technique, many of us have saved not only time, but cost, and embrace the corporate business relationships with peers, juniors, as well as the investors or clients.

That is because the party for whom we are working for, as a consultant, can check the output of our, the developer’s, work quickly and let us know their comments on time.

Then, we can tweak the interface or the website design using the same programming tool on-the-spot. The same steps then are followed, until and unless the scripts and the designs are approved.

Also, transparency is equally maintained throughout the short span of time.

2. Automation is initiated

By using Comparium to cross-check the work done on the different programming tools is an easy call to make for calling automation home. This tool has worked tremendously for generating online screenshots pretty easily.

Now, each developer, whether on Selenium or not, doesn’t have to wait for long hours for each step to have a better screenshot.

The process is automated as long as you keep on updating the script of your website and other landing pages to be set rightly for the target audience.

3. Multitasking is at its peak with different browsers

While you are developing scripts or other programs for your website on different tools offline or online, the Comparium web-testing tool helps in comparing different screenshots of various browsers at the same time.

So, in a way, you can initiate the process of multitasking and save a lot of time at hand before launching the official website for many out there.

You can select different browsers at once, if you want to achieve more in lesser time using this tool.

different browsers

4. Target different audience altogether

When you are testing different browsers screenshots online with the help of Comparium, you as a business owner or a developer also have an option to select or deselect the latest or older versions of the same browser.

So, now developing scripts with different objects on Selenium can be easier. Now, you would also target the audience pretty quickly and accurately.

Target different audience altogether

That is so because if you want to attract the traffic who uses the older version of the common browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Opera, then you will get to know how your script is looking to them as a third party or as a single user.

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