Different Types of Gold Used To Make Jewellery

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We all know what is gold used for – that soft, shiny, yellow metal often associated with glamour and opulence. This precious metal is often the subject of treasure hunts and even bank thefts in movies, and it has also been the most preferred precious metal to use in wedding bands. For years, gold has been one of the most seductive precious metals in the world. Highly sought after for investment purposes and to adorn oneself with, gold is still a top priority on people’s lists.

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24 karat gold:

This is the purest and highest form of gold possible. This is not popular for wedding bands for many reasons. It has a rich yellowish color and is the jewelry normally used by royals. This type of gold is very pliable and can be scratched easily even with your nails. Due to their thinness, they are also very easy to bend and so not very practical for the majority of people in this day and age.

Yellow gold alloys:

This is pure gold combined with other metals such as silver and zinc. You will still get a shiny yellow shade and due to the mixture of metals, it will last longer and be easier to look after in the long term. It also means the price goes down so, for Jewellery, it makes the costs much more affordable.

Rose gold:

This is popular in the marketplace in the current trends for Jewellery. Normally made of 12 or 14 karats, it will be comprised of roughly 58% pure gold. You will be able to question the Jewellery around which percentage of real gold is incorporated but this should be on the paperwork and certificates before you purchase it.  You will also discover a hallmark or engraving to signal its gold quantity.

Colored alloys:

Gold karats can come in an array of different shades and actually depends on which other metals are added in the process. For instance, the less copper it has and depending on how much silver or zinc is in there, there may be a greenish tint.

Copper alloys:

These have a strong golden tone and is normally used for costume Jewellery. You will often find vintage pieces were made from bronze and brass is more frequent in modern times. Both, however, are likely to become tarnished and also leave a green like a hue on the wearer’s skin.


This is a yellow/reddish metal that is comprised of zinc and copper. Brass is fairly low to buy and yet still looks great on. Moreover, it’s a popular piece to buy and commonly used for lower priced accessories seen on the high-street.

These mixtures of metals comprise much of the gold Jewellery on the market today. As you can see, the mix is interesting and varied, so it’s good to know exactly what you are buying before parting with your money.

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