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5 Tips for Realtors to Benefit from Content Marketing in 2020

Benefit from Content Marketing in 2020


People move more frequently now than ever before whether for work, to be closer to family and friends, or just to find a more suitable climate to live in. You need to reach these prospective clients, and website content marketing can help you get there.

1. Content Marketing Connects:

Quality website content in real estate, like this rent report from ABODO, is a necessity as you use your website as your primary marketing tool. A stale fact-only site may give your potential customers numbers they need, but descriptions of the unique features of a neighborhood can make the area come to life for a potential buyer’s mind. Also, search engine algorithms demand fresh content, and you need to provide the proper articles and blogs in your quest for a higher organic ranking.

2. Update Often:

Once you realize how easy it is to update and add to a website you should do so on a regular basis. Your content should include information about the areas you specialize in. Be sure to include insights about the history, ambiance and fun facts of specific neighborhoods. Describe the community’s shops, schools, transportation, and celebrations. If you take the time to add to your site frequently you will find people visiting your site more often.

3. Keep Your Brand in the Public Eye:

Write informative, concise blogs about your company, what your company can do for its clients and why you are the realtor to work with. By sharing your knowledge through content marketing, you can easily make a connection with a potential customer. The content doesn’t need to be the length of a novel; just write what you know and share important bits of information on a regular basis. Adding statistics along with anecdotal stories can make a neighborhood come to life.

4. Lead Generation:

Content marketing can draw leads from anywhere in the world. The International Organization for Migration in 2015 estimated that around 3 million people are moving to cities every week. Approximately 54 percent of people worldwide now live in cities, up from 30 percent in 1950. And according to move.org, in the US alone, close to 35.5 million people relocate each year. This move may be long-distance, or just around the corner, but there is always someone looking for a new property. Your presence online, with the use of content marketing, can capture lead after lead.

5. Return on Investment:

By creating a content marketing strategy that contains pertinent information for current or potential customers you have a way to showcase your expertise at a fraction of the cost of

old-fashioned advertising. You can forget about excessive trips to the printer, or spending your Sunday passing out flyers. The time it takes to write relevant content and upload that content can be minimal and your content marketing return on investment will significantly improve.

As a realtor, your focus is finding properties and selling them. Content marketing helps to create and increase your visibility. That visibility produces leads, and leads are what turn into sales for you.

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